Here's why shoulderstand should be your top favourite

Try this pose for better libido, toned body and a peaceful mind.

Have you ever looked at Deepika Padukone and wondered how she manages to maintain her super hot body? Yoga is your answer! The actor swears by yoga and regularly performs headstand, shoulderstand, Pilates etc. Of all these poses, if there's one pose you should totally start practising- it is Sarvangasana or shoulderstand.

Shoulderstand or Sarvangasana is a called the 'mother of all poses'. Being a full body workout, sarvangasana has loads of benefits. It is one of the many poses that can be done anywhere and everyone. Apart from stimulating your thyroid gland, sarvangasana will help you to relieve stress, anxiety and also improve your digestion. It is excellent to tone your legs, butt, arms and abs.

How to do Sarvangasana?

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To attain this pose, follow these steps:

- Lie on your back, relax.

- Lift your legs slowly.

- Next raise your buttocks and back in a way that you are resting on your shoulder.

sarvangasana in hindi

- Move your elbows closer towards each other, and move your hands along your back, towards the shoulder blades.

- Remember to straighten the legs and spine by pressing the elbows down on the floor and hands into the back.

- In this position, your entire body weight should be on your shoulders and upper arms and not on your head and neck.

- Breathe deeply and hold on the posture for 30 seconds.

- To come out of the position, lower the knees to forehead and bring your hands to the floor- palms facing down.

- Do not lift your head. Lowering your spine down, slowly come back to the position where you started (rest on your back).

Benefits of Sarvangasana

1) The chin press during the asana stimulates thyroid glands. It is good for those suffering from hypothyroidism.

2) The asana helps in relieving the gravitational weight from different organs of your body which, in turn, helps you to manage piles and hernia.

3) The pose is recommended for those suffering from elephantiasis as it helps in reducing the inflammation in the legs.

4) Sarvangasana helps in reducing fat around the waist.

5) It is helpful in toning your spine, neck, legs, abs and thorax.

6) It is a good pose to rid you of constipation and aids digestion.

7) Helps in better functioning of the adrenal glands, testis and boosts sperm production and potency.

Disclaimer: Do not attempt practising the asana if you are:

- Pregnant.

- Menstruating.

- Suffering from slip disc.

- Suffering from a heart problem.

- Suffering from high blood pressure.

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