Here's why fennel water (saunf sherbet) is the ideal summer cooler

A summer cooler that will fight bad breath, body odour and relieve you from bloating.

Fennel seed or saunf is extensively used in India as an after dinner mint because it not only improves digestion but also reduces bad breath, body odour as well as relieves abdominal cramps gas and bloating. As summer sets in, fennel seeds or saunf sherbet is a common cooler in most Gujarati homes. By virtue of being a Gujarati, I have consumed countless glasses of the saunf water or sherbet and I am in love with its woody and sweet taste.

Fennel water as a coolant

Dr Aastha Sharma Dietitian at Nayati Hospital Mathura says that fennel is a cooling spice for the body. Its combination of nutrients make it a powerful antioxidant. Fennel is a super-coolant. It keeps your body and mind fresh even during a tiring day. Drinking fennel water is an excellent way to lower body heat. These cooling seeds keep the breath fresh and promote good oral hygiene. Here are some more natural ways to beat bad breath. According to Ayurveda, it reduces all the three doshas and relieves the internal heat. Oils present in fennel are also effective in calming the nerves.

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This readily available spice is thought to be highly cooling for those hot summer months. It stimulates intestinal juices, promotes proper digestion, and reduces acid reflux. Hence chewing a teaspoon of fennel seeds before and after meals is a common practice in India.

How to prepare fennel sherbet or water?

Preparing fennel seeds water is simple. You can cook it in boiling water then cool it or simply soak the seeds overnight, strain the water and consume it. For kids, you can soak the fennel with sugar and water to make a sherbet or add a teaspoon of honey to it. Pick the method most suitable to you and start drinking your way to better health. It tastes best when chilled. To add aroma to the water you can also roast the fennel seeds in a pan until they release their sweet smell. You can also try these recipes for healthy and cooling summer drinks.

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