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Here's how Ranveer Singh got those killer abs for Befikre

You will not be able to take your eyes of Ranveer Singh working out. Check it out!

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Updated : July 27, 2016 10:25 AM IST

That Ranveer Singh is one of the hottest man in Bollywood cannot be debated. The hot bod is a result of hard work and dedicated workouts every day. In fact, Ranveer says he never takes a day off from his workout. He recently posted a picture on Instagram proudly showing his abs. In the picture, he compares his abs to chocolate biscuits. The caption reads, My favourite kind of biscuits? Chocolate biscuits!

Now it is clearly evident that Ranveer Singh has been working very hard to get that chiselled look for Aditya Chopra s Befikre. He has always concentrated on his fitness and maintained a good physique, but since Befikre demanded a much more muscular look, he decided to walk that extra mile with his trainer, Lloyd Stevens. After tremendous efforts, the actor has managed to built an enviable physique that should motivate you to leave your couch and hit the gym. There are other Bollywood actors who will also give you fitness goals.

Ranveer also shared a video where you can see him working on his abs with full dedication. He captioned the picture using his trademark humourous style, But in my head I am saying Nutella!!! with every rep. I am sure many of us will not even be able to complete one repetition. Check out the video here.

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But in my head I'm saying "Nutella!" with every rep! Haha! #throwback @stevenslloyd #abs #mondaymotivation

A video posted by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on

A few days ago, Ranveer Singh s trainer Lloyd Stevens also took to Twitter to share a picture of the actor working out. Ranveer s trainer captioned the picture saying Even with his hectic schedules he still manages to get a workout in. Check out the picture. Also, find out how he got that six pack.

ranveer singh

We hope Ranveer s ripped body motivated you enough. Don t stop working out hard. The six packs will surely follow.

Image source: ranveersingh/Instagarm, @Stevens_Llyod/Twitter

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