Heart Attack During Intense Exercise Can Be Fatal, Know Its Symptoms And Preventive Methods

Sudden heart attacks can happen during intense exercise which could turn fatal for some people. Know its symptoms and how you can prevent it.

Experts are confident about the safety of exercise for most people and highly recommend it. It is beneficial for improving energy levels, mood and keeping diseases at bay. Exercise is especially good for boosting cardiovascular health. But there is also a small percentage of risk involved to heart health because of exercise. Sudden heart attacks can happen during exercise or intense exercise which could turn fatal. Many athletes too experience this symptom. However, not everyone is at such risks. People who should take precautions are the people who have had a history of heart attack, have heart related problems that could increase risks. There are numerous tests to prevent these kinds of sudden fatalities and people who are at higher risks should avail them.

What Causes Heart Attack During Exercise?

Structural abnormalities in the heart is the most common cause of cardiac symptoms. When the wall of the heart muscle becomes abnormally thick it is called cardiomyopathy or inherited electrical disturbances, a person could experience a a sudden death due to heart attack. This is mainly experience by people under the age of 40. For much older people and who are especially in the presence of risk factors, coronary artery disease due to cholesterol-rich plaque build-up is more likely to be the cause of exercise-related symptoms.

If a person has these blockages in the heart and they have not been diagnosed, they could suffer cardiac arrest during physical activates. They are at much higher risks of suffering from a fatality as well. Intense exercise cause the rupture of plaques and triggers electrical disturbances in the heart and lead to a heart attack. Experts have however negated the fear of exercise that people might have. It is not bad for the heart. People who are more susceptible due to family history, health problems, ethnic susceptibility should simply be more careful than others while they exercise.

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Symptoms That You Should Be Aware Of

Warning signs include:

  • Discomfort in the chest
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Lightheadedness and dizziness
  • Shortness of breath a feeling of unusual breathlessness with or without chest discomfort may be a precursor to a heart attack
  • Abnormalities related to heart rhythm which includes abnormal heart rate and palpitation
  • Experiencing discomfort in the body like pain or pressure in the back, arms, jaw, neck and stomach. All of these could be a sign of heart disease.

Experts Say, This Can Be Prevented

Keep three things in mind to identify risks:

The risks can be ruled out by doing regular screenings and tests and carrying out a healthy routine for your heart health. There are two types of tests for this, electrocardiogram exercise treadmill test, and echocardiogram. Go to a health expert and get these done if you think you experience the symptoms.

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