Rakshabandhan Special: Enjoy Your Favorite Sweets With A Healthy Twist

This festive season, let's not worry about calories, choose wisely and try out these homemade sweets.

Rakshabandhan Special 2022: Rakshabandhan is here, and you might be craving those delicious sweets, eyeing them for a long time! But at the same time, worried about that weight gain or conscious about eating healthy? Dietician Vidhi Chawla, Founder of Fisico Diet Clinic, has a solution for you. So this festive season, let's not worry about calories, choose wisely and try out these homemade same-old sweets with a healthy twist.

Low-Fat Carrot Halwa


1) 2 cups grated carrot

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2) 1 cup of low-fat milk

3) 1 tbsp ghee

4) 1/4th cup chopped dates

5) 14th tbsp cardamom powder


1) Heat some ghee, add the carrots and saute for 5 mins on medium flame in a pressure cooker

2) Add 3/4th cup of dates and milk, mix it well

3) Pressure cook for two whistles

4) Let the steam escape and add 1/4th cup of milk and cardamom powder. Mix well and cook for 4 mins on medium flame

5) Stir it continuously

6) Garnish with some almonds and serve it hot

Sugar Free Kaju Katli


1) 2 cups of chopped cashew

2) 2 tbsp honey

3) 1/8 tbsp oil/ghee


1) Roast the cashews for 5 to 6 mins at 180C by placing them in a tray or dry roasting it

2) Cool the cashews and add them to a food processor.

3) Run the processor till you get a buttery paste and add honey to it

4) Make a ball of the batter and add it to a buttered plate

5) Flatten the dough and cut it in a katli shape

6) Store in a refrigerator

7) Serve it cool and enjoy!

Oats And Jaggery Ladoo


1) 2 cups of Oats

2) 1tbsp water

3) grated coconut

4) jaggery

5) 1/4th tbsp cardamom powder


1) In a pan, dry roast the oats

2) After cooling, powder them

3) Take 1 tbsp water, grated coconut, and jaggery and mix it well in a pan

4) Once the coconut begins to release moisture add cardamom powder

5) Add oats powder to the mixture, mix well, and turn off the heat

6) Add nuts and ghee and mix well

7) Place the mixture on a plate, and after cooling, make balls

8) Garnish with raisins and serve

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