Enjoy Diwali Without Compromising On Your Protein Intake

Enjoy Diwali Without Compromising On Your Protein Intake

Try The Paneer Cheese Bites Recipe On The Occasion Of Diwali

Written by Tavishi Dogra |Updated : October 22, 2022 12:59 PM IST

Diwali recipe 2022: With an ancient history and many beliefs across religions in the country, Diwali is also referred to as the festival of lights. Celebrated over five days, Diwali is not just about sunshine and legends; it brings traditions, families and friends together. People watch fireworks displays and wear new clothes. It is time to clean and decorate your home, too. With the festivities in full swing, you will witness the streets slowly changing colours with lanterns or 'kandils' of different shapes and sizes adorning windows and balconies.

Consume Proteins During Festivals

While no festival is complete without family get-togethers, Diwali is one such occasion that brings together all the loved ones under one roof. Many people have a tradition of hosting house parties around this time. Having friends and family to enjoy an evening of games, gossip and merriment is something to look forward to. And what are parties without some lip-smacking snacks for guests at your home? The hosts go to lengths and breadths planning scrumptious meals to finger food that suits all age groups. However, festivals come with the fear of consuming items with harmful content resulting in an imbalanced meal. Especially most Indians consider it challenging to consume proteins regularly, especially during festivals.

Protein And Milk Products

In a study by Godrej Jersey, it is noted that the protein gap can be easily bridged by milk and milk products, a readily available and compatible protein source when used in daily diets. It is observed that 80% of consumers are aware of the need for protein in the diet for a healthy body and life, but 68% are unaware of the daily requirement, and an average of 47% of people wrongly associate protein with a healthy heart and strong bones. The study also revealed that 80% of milk consumers' are protein sufficient, whereas 83% of milk non-consumers are protein deficient. To begin the celebrations of Diwali on a healthy yet mouth-watering note, here is a beautiful and simple bite-size recipe bursting with flavours from a home chef using Godrej Jersey Paneer.

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Home chef: Lakshmi Rajkumar


  1. 200 Grams Godrej Jersey Paneer (Cottage Cheese)
  2. cup onion
  3. cup coriander leaves
  4. 1 TSP garlic powder
  5. 2 TSP red chilli flakes
  6. TSP crushed black pepper
  7. cup rice powder
  8. Oil to fry

How To Make

  1. Grate 200 grams of paneer
  2. Add 1/2 cup of chopped onion, 1/4cup of coriander leaves, 1tsp of garlic powder, 2tsps of red chilli flakes, 1/2tsp of pepper crushed, salt as needed, water as needed to make up the dough, 1/2cup of grated cheese and 1/2cup of rice powder.
  3. Combine them well and make shapes of your choice
  4. Heat oil in a pan and fry them up in High memoir high flame
  5. Pat dry excess oil and serve hot with your choice of dip.