Delicious Jaggery Halwa Made With The Best Of Quinoa’s Nutrition

So it's time to make this mouth-watering delicacy and eat it when it is steamingly hot while you enjoy the rains!

Quinoa Jaggery Halwa: Monsoon is finally here and in all its glory. The cold weather and heavy rains bring out the feeling of getting wrapped up in a blanket with a book and something hot to eat in almost all of us. The weather is perfect for winding down, relaxing and enjoying that warm and cosy feeling while listening to the rain pour and drizzle outside. The best way to enjoy the monsoon is to eat and drink hot meals. People go for various food combinations during this time, with chai and pakoras being the most popular out of all of them. And while everybody loves pakoras, it can sometimes be a little unhealthy for the body. But don't worry, as we have an alternative that is healthy and tastes good. Presenting the delicious Jaggery Halwa made with the best of quinoa's nutrition. So make this mouth-watering delicacy and eat it when it is steamingly hot while you enjoy the rains!

Quinoa Jaggery Halwa By Pavitra K, Food Tech Scientist at True Elements

(This recipe serves 2; kindly alter the serving quantity per your needs)

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True Elements Quinoa, 1 cup

Powdered jaggery, 1 cup (or) jaggery cubes/pieces, to be crushed

Milk of your choice, cup

Ghee, 5 tbsp

Cardamom powder, tbsp

True Elements Goan Cashews, 2 tbsp

True Elements Dried Blueberries, 2 tbsp

Directions To Prepare Jaggery Syrup:

Quinoa Jaggery Halwa

Take the powdered jaggery (or crush the cubes or pieces to get cup powdered jaggery) into a cooking pan

Add cup water and start heating the pan- let the jaggery melt well.

Boil the jaggery water mixture until you see foam/bubbles and mix well using a spatula.

Once the mixture is slightly sticky, switch off the heat and strain the syrup.

Keep the syrup warm to prepare quinoa halwa

Directions To Prepare The Quinoa:

Wash the quinoa well with running water.

Soak the quinoa in water for 4 hours

Tips To Prepare Quinoa Halwa:

Drain the excess water from the soaked quinoa after 4 hours.

Grind the quinoa to a paste (can add additional 2 tbsp water to help grind if needed)

Heat the ghee and add the ground quinoa paste to a pan.

Stir well with slow addition of milk - the paste will start to crumble as it cooks.

After 1 minute of stirring, gradually add the warm jaggery syrup.

After 5 minutes, the quinoa halwa will appear to be cooked.

Add some cardamom powder to the halwa.

Turn off the flame- garnish with True Elements Goan Cashews- whole, sliced, crushed, roasted in ghee- the way you like them!

For added taste, you could also top the quinoa halwa with True Elements Dried Blueberries- whole or sliced.

Enjoy hot Quinoa Jaggery Halwa this monsoon.

And there we go! A delicious, healthy, mouth-watering quinoa jaggery halwa. The goodness of quinoa- with high iron, antioxidants and fibre, will make this dish a healthy sweet delight that can be an exception to your diet! So this year's monsoon will not only be tasty but healthy too, giving you the best of both!

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