Healthy recipe: Ragi and Jowar Kanjji

Ragi and jowar kanjji is a very healthy drink for your kids. Here is the recipe.

ragi porridgePacked with fiber, proteins, amino acids and antioxidants, ragi andjowar kanji is the best health drink for your kids. It not only gives their growing bodies essential nutrients, but also keeps them feeling full for longer.


Ragi powder 1 cup

Jowar powder 2 cups

Jaggery to taste

Water 3 cups

Ealichi (powder or whole)

Milk as needed


Roast the ragi and jowaratta separately. After roasting, mix them together and add water while stirring. Make sure no lumps form. Add grated jaggery as per your preference. Mix well till all the jaggery pieces dissolve and the mixture becomes thick. Now sprinkleealichi powder for flavour. You may skip this step if you don't like the smell or flavour of the spice.

Allow the mixture to cool. This is your health drink concentrate. Now pour about two tablespoons of the concentrate to a tall glass and add unsweetened milk to it. Mix well so that it becomes homogenous and is easy to drink. You do need to add sugar to this since the concentrate already has jaggery.

You can store the concentrate in a glass jar in the refrigerator for up to six months without spoiling. Make a large batch and watch your children lap up this healthy and yummy drink.

Another great use of the dry ragi and jowar atta mix is to add it to your roti batter. It gives you a homemade multi grainatta and helps your family stay fit.

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