Healthy recipe for diabetics: Walnut chutney

The walnut chutney is a delicious combination of walnuts with raisins and is a safe recipe to try for diabetics.

Walnut chutney is a delicious combination of walnuts with raisins. Walnuts are very nutrient-dense and provide essential vitamins, minerals and protein. Raisins are rich in carbs and are great energy boosters. This is also suited for diabetics and adds a sweet quotient too without raising the blood sugar levels drastically.


1 cup walnuts shelled

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1/2 cup fresh curds beaten

4-5 Kashmiri red chillies

1 tbsp rasins

Salt to taste


  • Pound the walnuts and chillies together.
  • Mix curds, salt and raisins well.
  • Add pounded nuts and mix well.
  • Chill before serving.
  • Serve with sticks of carrots, beets, celery, with dry bread sticks or in your plate with your food instead of pickle.

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