Healthy recipe – Bajra and lauki thepla

An easy and healthy twist to the traditional thepla recipe.

Being half Gujarati, theplas are a regular part of our breakfast, lunch or dinner. Here s why eating thelpa is good for health. After a time, you obviously get bored with the traditional recipe. So when a cousin suggested this recipe, I was all excited to try it. And since it had a lot of healthy seeds and bottle gourd, I think it s a great recipe for fussy eaters at home too. So here s the recipe for bajra and doodhi (lauki) thepla:



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  1. Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Now cut, peel and finely grate the bottle gourd. Squeeze out all the excess water and add it to the dry ingredients.
  3. Add the curd and mix well with your hands.
  4. Knead the mix in a tight dough by adding small quantities of water. You can also use the water squeezed out from the bottle gourd for this.
  5. Divide the dough into equal-sized balls and roll into theplas.
  6. Cook the theplas on a hot griddle. Use oil sparingly to roast and cook them well.
  7. Serve with curd or raita. Here are 9 reasons you must have curd with every meal.

You can enjoy these theplas for breakfast or snack time with a cup of tea too. You can even try these soya methi theplas.


  1. Bottle gourd has high water content and can leave the dough soggy if the water is not squeezed and drained out of it.
  2. You can replace coriander leaves with spinach or fenugreek too. You can even add chopped cauliflower leaves.
  3. It is best to make the theplas immediately once you are done with kneading. The dough might turn soft and difficult to roll if kept outside for long.
  4. If you plan to make the theplas later, store the dough in the refrigerator.

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