Start your day by eating any of these 3 healthy Indian dishes!

Skipping breakfast or not having a healthy one will make your entire day lethargic.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, due to the urgency of reaching to office on time, a lot of people skip breakfast at home, and have something unhealthy like a burger on the way to work. This has an impact on their energy levels throughout the day, and they experience lower levels of concentration. In the long run, this unhealthy habit could lead to a variety of ailments.

Skipping breakfast or not having a healthy one will make your entire day lethargic. You will feel less energised and will have lower levels of concentration. Your body needs food to run efficiently and depriving it of breakfast will eventually lead to health problems.

Since mornings are usually a rush, you want to eat something that is quick to make and is healthy too. Most people associate a healthy breakfast with either eating a bowl of cereals with milk, oats or eggs. While these are healthy, there are various Indian dishes too that are really healthy and easy to make as well. Here are a few ingredients you can use in your breakfast recipes.

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Soya is an excellent source of protein. Almost 35 per cent of its calories come from protein. If you are a vegetarian then do include this in your meals. It is also a good source for fibre and minerals. It can lower cholesterol levels as it has isoflavones thus improving heart health. A quick and easy-to-make recipe using soya is soya dosa. It is healthy with a twist to the usual dosa. Read about the various vegetarian sources of protein.


Also called ragi, nachni has a number of health benefits and it does not have much fat. If you are on a weight loss diet then this is a good option for you. Nachni is also a great source of iron and fibre. People suffering from diabetes can also benefit from eating dishes containing nachni. Try making nachni pancakes for breakfast.


Sprouts are relatively easy to make. All you need to do is take a handful of pulses and soak them overnight. Drain them and put them in a muslin cloth and leave it for a few hours (preferably 8 hrs). It takes time but not much effort is needed. Once the sprouts are ready, you can add chopped onions and tomatoes and eat them or try making poha with mixed sprouts. Sprouts are loaded with benefits. They are a rich source of minerals and essential vitamins and since they are raw, they do not lose any of their plant nutrients.

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