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Want a healthy body? Try out bamboo shoots

Find all about the rich nutritional value and an array of health benefits of bamboo shoots.

Written by Sreemoyee Chatterjee |Updated : July 12, 2018 5:53 PM IST

If you are a fitness freak and are very particular about a health enriching diet, bamboo shoot is something you should never miss. Not just it tastes yum, you can also try it with a wide range of veggies as well as with chicken, lamb and pork. Along with pleasing your taste buds, bamboo shoots make sure it keeps you healthy, thanks to an array of health benefits and nutritional value it has. So, what are you waiting for? Read the amazing health benefits of bamboo shoots and try them in your kitchen soon.


Before going through the health benefits, you should be aware of the immense nutritional value bamboo shoots have.

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Low calories: Bamboo shoots are known for low calorie content and low carb. A 100 gm of bamboo shoots contains only 20 calories and has 3 to 4 gm of carbs.

Low sugar content: Compared to other fruits and vegetables, bamboo shoots have pretty less sugar content. In a 100 gm serving of bamboo shoot, there is only 2.5 gm of sugar.

Very low fat: Bamboo shoot has both saturated and unsaturated fats and in very reduced quantity. 100 gm of bamboo shoot offers less than 0.49 gm of fat. Also, its saturated fat content helps in curbing cholesterol and combat bad fat.

Its protein rich: It is a rich source of protein with 2 to 2.5 gm of it in a 100 gm shoot. 17 essential amino acids and 2 semi-essential ones are contained in this protein.

A host of vitamins and minerals: Bamboo shoots house a large number of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, thiamin, niacin, folate and riboflavin. Calcium, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, selenium, sodium, copper, zinc, manganese and iron are some of the prominent minerals present in bamboo shoots.

Dietary fibre: It is rich in dietary fibre. 100 gm of bamboo shoot has 6 to 8 gm of dietary fibre.


Bamboo shoots have immense health benefits. Here are some to set you up for a healthy life.

Aids weight loss: If you are looking for losing weight, bamboo shoot is a must try. Due to low calorie, fat and sugar content, bamboo shoots help you lose weight, keeping your tummy full for long.

Amps up heart health: The unsaturated fat present in bamboo shoots reduces bad cholesterol, thereby helping in better blood circulation in the body and keeping a healthy heart.

Averts cancer: Certain compounds present in bamboo leaves have cholesterol that helps in checking mutations and keeps cancer away.

Boosts immunity: Its nutrient rich minerals and vitamins and antioxidant property help in enhancing body immunity.

Great for digestion: Due to its high dietary fibre content, bamboo shoots provide easy digestion and smooth bowel movement.

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