Rujuta Diwekar shares health benefits of shevla bhaaji or dragon stalk yam

Shevla bhaaji or dragon stalk yam is popular during the rains in Maharashtrian cuisine.

During monsoons, Maharashtra is blessed with a popular seasonal vegetable called Shevla bhaaji or dragon stalk yam. Eating seasonal vegetables and fruits is one of the cornerstones of good health. Nature provides us with the best of its produce during every season to cater to particular demands of our body -- watermelons during summer help cool our body and Vitamin C rich foods like oranges during winters help our body fight off infections. Celeb nutritionist Rujuta Diwekarsays that farming puts us in touch with the cycle of nature what grows when and when it is ready to be consumed. It teaches us that when we eat seasonal produce, we enable our bodies to access over 100,000 bioactive compounds, which in turn have a number of health benefits. Here are some other benefits of eating seasonal fruits and vegetables. Rujuta Diwekar tells is more about Shevla bhaaji or dragon stalk yam.

Shevla bhaaji or dragon stalk yam is a wild uncultivated vegetable that will just pop up in the hills and forests of Maharashtra with the first rains. The shevla bhaji is embedded in our culture and tradition, it's cooked with prawns or without them based on dietary preferences. It's the food of the rich and the poor, of the tribals and the urban who still keep in touch with their land. It's a delicacy that one looks forward to. It goes well with rice or bhakri or just by itself. Some of the health benefits of Shevla bhaaji or dragon stalk yam include restoring the gut bacteria that pollution destroys and boosting immunity and micronutrient (B12, D etc) assimilation.

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If there's god, then it manifests itself in the wild uncultivated foods. Have you ever tried shevla bhaaji? Do you have recipes you can share with us?

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