Monsoon is here! Here are nutrition tips by an expert dietician to up your immunity

Avoid buying/eating cut fruits and cut vegetables from outside vendors.

Monsoon is all fine and enjoyable when you sit at home and watch the rainfall with a cup of hot tea! But when you are out, working and running around all day- we need to be more cautious about health ailments and infections.

During monsoon, your immune system is attacked by a number of infections and infestations that include:

Bacterial Tuberculosis, infective diarrhoea and cough

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Viral Fever, measles and the common cold

Parasitic Malaria, intestinal helmencis like hookworm and ascariasis interfere with the absorption of nutrients by the body.

So how do we protect ourselves? Worry not, just eat well! The following food safety guidelines help you remain healthy during monsoon, listed out by Dr Zamurrud Patel, Consultant Dietician, Global Hospitals, Mumbai:

Always boil water before use and store it in a covered container.

Use long handle mugs to avoid hand contact with water while fetching water.

Drink enough water at safe places like home or office so as to avoid thirst and the need to drink water outside.

In unavoidable circumstances drink mineral water.

Avoid buying/eating cut fruits and cut vegetables from outside vendors.

Avoid eating fruits with strong smells like jackfruit, jamun etc. Smelly fruits attract flies which carry infectious substances.

Avoid drinking fruit juices, yoghurt, buttermilk, lassi, sugar cane juice and eating sprouts, shrikhand or green chutney from vendors.

While travelling if you are hungry, instead of eating samosa, golgappa, vada pav, etc. go for bhunna channa or whole fruits.

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Don't purchase vegetables in bulk. Buy only what's required on alternate days to stock fresh vegetables.

Enhance immunity by eating more green leafy vegetables, whole fruits, foods rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium, Zinc and B12, B6 and folic acid.

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