Healthy body transformation is not only measured by weight loss

Healthy body transformation is not only measured by weight loss
Don't focus on how much weight you've lost, focus more on getting healthier.

If you only look at the fluctuating numbers on your weighing scale to check your fitness level, you are probably wrong. Weight might not be the right or only parameter for it.

Written by Sukriti Shahi |Published : October 22, 2019 3:03 PM IST

#ScrewTheScale is trending on social media and it's probably the most positive trend you'll see online. People are sharing their positive body transformation pictures proving that scale numbers don't matter as much as most fitness enthusiasts think. If you search for the hashtag, you'll see 'before' and 'after' images of people. In the 'after' images, the weight is heavier than the before one, but the body transformation is impeccable. The idea is to promote how healthy lifestyle can promote body strength resulting in fitter body. It is not about weight loss at any cost.

Being skinny is not fit

It's important to understand that being skinny doesn't equate to being fit and lesser weight doesn't mean strong body. It's all about eating healthy, even if you eat more, and exercising to burn maximum calories. You may weight more than before but you body might feel fitter and better. On the other hand, consuming lesser calories and exercising can leave feeling tired and drained of energy. In fact, you will be surprised to see that the results even after eating less are disappointing. That only means you have minimal muscle strength. Thin body frame should be your idea of fitness or weight loss.

It's all about healthy eating

Take Andre Crew's example, a fitness trainer who's also a cross-fit enthusiast. He had an unhealthy lifestyle and given his corporate job, he was mostly eating and drinking out. Ever since he has opted for the healthy lifestyle, his weight hasn't changed from what it was, but the body is ripped, and he is perhaps the fittest person. It all revolves around eating healthy and working out bit getting thinner and weaker.

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There's another theory that many people swear by. When you take off the pressure of losing weight from your fitness goal, the rate of getting healthy doubles up. It's because you release yourself from the stress and tension of watching numbers on scale to go down. Instead, you focus on your health. This makes you lose excess fat quicker than usual. It happens because mind and body work in correlation to achieve a health-based target which can be long term and short-lived.

How to bring in the positive transformation?

Nutrition plays the most important role while achieving your fitness goal. As it's said, abs are made in the kitchen, it's of utmost importance what you are eating. Losing body fat and increasing muscle mass, both require nutrients. Make sure you take a proper balanced diet for it. Become aware of what you are eating. Nutrient intake can give better and long-lasting results.

Working out for longer hours at the gym is not necessary to get fit. Working out in a smarter way is the key. Remember, muscle mass means better metabolism which helps burn more calories. Combine your cardio with some strength weight training.

With all the efforts you put in to get fitter and have a ripped body, it's also important to understand and accept your body the way it is. For instance, if you have a pear-shaped body, it's ridiculous to want to have a compact waist structure. Your body is built with broader bone structure. Instead, focus on losing extra fat and gaining strength.

Self-acceptance and self-confidence will always make you look better!

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