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#HealthNeedsLove: HealthifyMe plays Cupid on a weight-loss journey

The app has played cupid to a New-Delhi based couple who met via the app and is set to get married this month.

Written by Editorial Team |Published : February 14, 2017 9:39 AM IST

As India's largest health and fitness app, HealthifyMe has positively impacted the health and lives of millions. And now, the app has played cupid to a New-Delhi based couple who met via the app and is set to get married this month. Early 2015, Rajat Bhasin, who owns an IT company based in Delhi registered on HealthifyMe to muscle up through one of the Premium plans. Around the same time, elsewhere in Delhi, Anika Dhir, a graphic designer, troubled with her weight gain signed up on HealthifyMe to lose weight. In a case of destiny imitating popular fiction, Rajat and Anika came face to face on a Meetup facilitated by HealthifyMe. Their respective goals were disparate yet they had a common thread- each could do with a little encouragement from people who wouldn t judge them. Soon enough, each became a pillar of support for the other and as luck would ve have it HealthifyMe also assigned them a common nutritionist. Conversations turned towards sandwiches and salads with smoothies instead of wine and pasta. Soon, notes were exchanged on HealthifyMe groups about their progress with respect to their weight goals. Only difference, this time both Rajat and Anika ensured that they weren t alone on this journey.

Their HealthifyMe nutritionist Alpa Momaya kept the duo motivated with personalised diet plans as Anika s near magical transformation from 80 kgs to 58 kgs took her less than 6 months while Rajat during the same time brought his body fat to 13.8%. Both of us were considering settling down, and found each other at the right time during our journey with HealthifyMe said Rajat Bhasin. Everyone needs cheat days, Rajat and Anika included, and making one of their cheat days extremely special was Rajat s surprise proposal! A treasure hunt across their favourite places within the city, clues coupled with roses eventually led Anika to The Oberoi where Rajat was eagerly waiting to propose. Thus began their happily ever after! Speaking on this rare union, Tushar Vashisht, CEO, HealthifyMe said, Rajat and Anika's story is inspiring for us. We know that couples who work out together achieve their weight goals faster. Within our app, people who engage in community-driven groups, lose 15% more weight than the others. People find motivation on our app from each other, and who knows, like Rajat and Anika, even companionship along the way. HealthifyMe s interest based groups that are exclusively available for Premium users have an engagement of close to 80% with diet coaches and moderators who provide health tips and encouragement to like-minded users. HealthifyMe also announced a gift of a year-long subscription to Anika and Rajat to their services. (Read: How to use the HealthifyMe app to lose weight)

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