5 reasons why pear or nashpati should be your favourite fruit!

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PearPear may not be the most popular fruit in India but it does have its fair share of followers who love its taste and cannot get enough of it. Though underrated, pear has a whole lot of health benefits. Let's take a look at some of them.

Skin benefits

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According to nutritionist Priya Kathpal, most of the benefits of pear come from its skin. This is because the skin contains 3-4 times more phytonutrients as compared to the flesh. Phytonutrients are responsible for boosting our immunity and research shows that they also reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Full of fibre

A single pear can fulfil 24% of your daily fibre requirement. Fibre is extremely important for our digestive system. The fibre in pear not only keeps the digestive tract healthy but according to research, it helps reduce cholesterol levels, reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and even Type II diabetes.

Reduces hunger pangs

If you want to keep your hunger pangs at bay in a healthy way, bite into a juicy pear. The fibre content in it will help keep you satiated for a longer time. Along with fibre, pear also has vitamin C and traces of iron and magnesium in it.

Can be eaten by everyone

Unlike some fruits which may be restricted for people suffering from a health condition, pear is one such fruit which can be eaten by anyone. In fact, it is one of the first fruits which can be introduced to infants in a pureed form. Also, people suffering from diabetes, obesity, and other lifestyle issues can also eat pear without any health concerns. 'The fruit is not acidic unlike lemon or orange and can be digested easily. Pears are hypoallergenic, they have shown very low allergy symptoms compared to other fruits so they are hardly ever eliminated from anyone's diet but the best time to eat them is in the morning,' says Priya.

Healthy, natural dose of sugar

Pear contains Levulose, a natural form of sugar which is a lot healthier than natural sugars. This makes it an easy pick-me-up when you are craving for something sweet. Instead of eating candies, etc take the natural route by eating a pear instead. It won't raise your blood sugar levels as well.

How to select a pear

If you are not sure how to go about selecting a good pear, you should try this simple trick. See the neck of the fruit as it ripens first after the flesh inside. The rest of the body should be firm neither too hard nor too soft. It should give out a sweet aroma when you bring it closer to your nose. It is okay if it has slight brown marks on the skin but do not opt for a very soft one as it will most likely be overripe. Another thing to remember is that pears perish soon so it is best to eat them within 2-3 days of buying them and not store them for too long. Use them in salads or eat them on their own to reap its various health benefits.

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