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Health benefits of cooking your own food

There is no one right way to cook a particular food. However, certain techniques can help you achieve a desired result such as minimizing nutrient loss or enhancing flavour without adding a lot of fat.

Stop ordering food from restaurants; cook your own meal.

Written by Shaloo Tiwari |Published : December 6, 2017 6:24 PM IST

Eating outside has become a staple for many people. Although it is easier to just order food from outside, cooking your own food has its own set of benefits. Not only will it be lighter on your pocket but it is way relaxing and a great hobby to keep. Here are a few health benefits that might convince you to start cooking your own food.

Portion control: When you cook your own food, you aren't always able to make an elaborate meal and hence tend to automatically control your portions. Unlike the restaurants trying to sell you 'value for money food,' it will help you practice portion control at home.

Healthier ingredients: When you tend to make your own food you know exactly what's going in it. You avoid all the unhealthy ingredients that the restaurants sneak into your food. You'll be avoiding preservatives and taking a step towards a healthy lifestyle.

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Reduces stress and unhealthy stress eating: Everyday we take back a lot of stress at home and the process of making food deviates your mind from all the horrible thoughts and stops you from overthinking. Also, by the time you cook, even if you are stress binging you binge on something healthy and home cooked.

Nutrition and weight loss: This goes without saying that when you cook at home you eat nutritious food and hence avoid all the unhealthy, fattening calories that you gain from restaurant food. Hence eating home-cooked healthy food helps you not gain weight and makes you healthier.

Increases appetite: The process of cooking is a bit time consuming hence, even if you are not hungry, by the time you finish cooking, your appetite increases.

However, most of these points are only going to make sense if you choose healthier ingredients to cook your meals. Once you start cooking you also adopt a lifestyle that is healthy. Do you like cooking your own food? Tell us in the comments section below.

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