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7 healthy reasons to spice up your diet with chillies

मिरची – मिरचीच्या वापरामुळे जसे पदार्थांचा स्वाद वाढतो तसाच आयुष्यातील ‘सेक्स’चा स्वाद वाढवण्यासाठी मिरची फार महत्त्वाची आहे. मिरचीच्या सेवनाने एन्डोरफीन (endorphin) या हार्मोन्सची शरीरातील निर्मीती वाढते व त्यामुळे सेक्सचा आनंद घेण्याची इच्छा देखील वाढण्यास मदत होते

Chillies are extremely good for you.

Written by Sameer Jha |Updated : January 21, 2015 5:20 PM IST

With a hot, pungent and fiery flavour, chillies can be overpower the taste of any recipe you cook. In terms of health benefits too, chillies are extremely overwhelming. Here are some benefits of chillies you'll be surprised to know.

1# Improves immunity: Chillies have much more Vitamin C than oranges, making it a good option to boost your immune system. This will help prevent a lot of diseases and infections. Even though you can t eat the same amount of chillies as you can oranges, the vitamin C concentration is extremely high.

2# Can help you burn fat: Chillies have a component called capsaicin that stimulates the thermogenic process food breakdown. The compound gives a warmth feeling that helps calories burn faster. Also, according to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, people eating foods which are spiked with chillies tend to feel fuller and eat less at subsequent meals. Here are some other foods that you can eat to lose weight.

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3# Helps prevent cancer: Capsaicin, a compound that gives chillies it s spicy taste may help prevent cancer according to American Institute for Cancer Research. The spicier a chilli is the more capsaicin it contains so don t worry about the sharp sensation you feel in your mouth after eating it. That feeling is good for your body.

4# Improves vision: Several vision related problems that appear in old-age like cataract, glaucoma, night blindness, etc. can be prevented by eating foods rich in vitamin A. Chillies are an extremely rich source of this nutrient and can really help you meet your daily requirement. However, if you really want to never lose your eyesight consider eating carrots.

5# Reduces stress: Stress is a very common problem affecting everyone from teenagers to old people. Eating chillies will help release endorphins that make you feel good and release stress. However, if your stress is caused due to digestive problems you should avoid it as it can aggravate your stress rather than suppressing it.

6# Promotes digestion: Chillies have great stimulant, tonic and carminative properties. They have been used as a tincture to stimulate appetite and treat indigestion. They also relieve flatulence and ease weakness of the stomach and the intestine.

7# Boosts sex drive: Chillies have been considered as potent aphrodisiacs since ancient times. They help release pleasure hormones or endorphins.

All of these reasons make chillies a great addition to your diet.

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