“Having six packs does not necessarily mean you are healthy!” – fitness trainer Junaid Kaliwala

Fitness expert Junaid Kaliwala talks about the most common myths about gymming, diet and body building.

If there is any inspiration you need to start with and stick to your new year fitness resolution, you need to listen to Junaid Kaliwala, the award-winning fitness trainer who has recently launched Cheesy To Chiseled In 90 Days transformation series on YouTube. The C2C90 Transformation Series will give you an account of his own inspiring and impressive journey of his transformation to looking the way he is today. Junaid has bagged a number of body building and muscle building awards and recently also clinched the NPC Eastern USA physique trophy. He has also won the Mumbai Shree title in February 2016, was the first Indian to represent India at Arnold Classic in 2014 and bagging a gold medal at the prestigious NPC Metropolitan Men s Physique competition in New York, among many others. Junaid talks about points to keep in mind while you are on your fitness journey.

Most common mistakes gym-goers make

Ditching cardio- One of the most important things people miss at gyms is adequate amount of cardio. Cardio and functional exercises are as important as weight training. People tend to give it a miss and only concentrate on weight training. This is wrong, he says.

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Skipping stretches and warming up- Junaid says, It is very vital to do stretches at the beginning of workouts and warm up routines to smoothly ease into your rigorous workout.

Steroids=six packs=healthy body- A huge myth people have is that increasing the amount of supplements (be it protein or any other pills ) or even steroids, for that matter, are going to hasten the process of making you fit and muscular. If you are not exercising and following proper nutrition, nothing is going to work. People need to get educated with the right guidance for a fit and healthy body. Mind you, six packs don't necessarily indicate a healthy body. Learn about Junaid s own daily workout and gym routine and diet.

Fad diets and why you shouldn t follow them

Every individual is different and so are their needs and dreams. A bodybuilder will eat more of carbs and proteins than a physique athlete. But just because you consider a body builder as your idol, you can't follow his diet. Unfortunately, in today's world, young people do exactly that. If your friend is following Keto diet and getting his desired results, it does not necessarily mean that it would be beneficial for you as well. You need to set your goal and feed your body accordingly. Nutrition is not low-fat, low-calorie. It's not being hungry and feeling deprived. It's nourishing your body with real whole food so that you are consistently satisfied and feel energised. Adequate meals, on time, is the key to getting that body you ve always dreamed of.

Junaid s most favourite meals

Breakfast - Cheese omelette

Lunch - Grilled chicken with a dash of lime and honey and grilled veggies

Snacks - Oats porridge with fresh fruits or muesli with yoghurt and dry fruits

Dinner - Steak in BBQ sauce with broccoli and asparagus Click here to take a look at Cheesy To Chiseled In 90 Days transformation series.

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