Form good fitness habits in your 20s: Reap the rewards in old age

The same fitness routine everyday may get boring. So, spice it up by trying out different things. @Shutterstock

You can form the right fitness habits when you are in the 20s. But you need to be disciplined about it. We show you the way.

The habits you from in your 20s stay with you for life. Therefore, it is important to take the right path and form the right habits while you are still in your 20s. Even the fitness habits that you form now will keep you hooked to a life of health and fitness. This is an exciting time in your life. You are a certified adult now with adult activities. Right from getting a job to living independently to falling in love, there is no lack of excitement in your life. You enjoy great health and old age seems far away All this can distract you and prevent you from thinking of health and fitness. But this is also the right time to form the correct fitness habits.

Here we have compiled a list of fitness habits that you must definitely form when you are still in your 20s.

Go for regular strength training exercises

This is a great exercise routine. Start strength training and it will soon be a habit. It will give you mean muscles, increase your metabolism, help you burn more fat and reduce the risk of many lifestyle diseases.

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Drink enough water

Hydration is important for overall health. Drink 2 to 3 litres of water every day to stay fit for life. You will enjoy better skin and your organs will be healthy. Avoid carbonated beverages and tea and coffee. Also, stay away from alcohol.

Make variety the norm in your fitness routine

The same fitness routine everyday may get boring. So, spice it up by trying out different things. It will keep things interesting and your body will get used to different kinds of training.

Eat right after your workout

You need to fuel up after your workout. Make it a habit to eat the right foods after your workout routine. This will energise your muscles and give you strength. It will also make your workout more effective.

Be friends with fitness enthusiasts

It will be easier for you to form the right fitness habits if you have friends with a similar bent of mind. It will work as a motivation too. Besides, working out with someone is always more fun than going solo.

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