CrossFit And Kickboxing To HIIT: Staying Fit Is Essential For Women

CrossFit And Kickboxing To HIIT: Staying Fit Is Essential For Women
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The weight section was usually reserved for the muscly sweaty fellas, but times change. So let's break the stereotype.

Written by Tavishi Dogra |Updated : January 27, 2023 10:55 AM IST

Women around the world are shattering the boundaries of traditional expectations. They are no longer confined to the narrow parameters of societal expectations but are venturing out and walking alongside their male counterparts in an arena once seemingly inconceivable. Their boldness and courage to take a stand, despite preconceived notions about what women can and cannot do, are inspiring.

Why shouldn't fitness centres adapt to the ways that women are influencing society at large? Explains Kritika Makker Kapoor, Wellness Expert, Director of SK-27 Lifestyle Wellness Club

  • It's been too long since women were discouraged from entering the weight rooms and performing any lifting. Going back a bit, women have historically been barred from several health and fitness facilities in India. This goes back to the British Raj era, even when women were thought unfit to visit gyms or other public places. Many clubs had a "no females" rule or forced female members to join a separate ladies club or all-women dance lessons.
  • But as 2019 began, things began to alter. First, the High Court in Delhi ruled that gyms had to allow women to join. This ruling was celebrated as a win for gender equality in India, allowing women to join many previously off-limits gyms.

Indeed, Times Are Changing

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  • Those days of women exercising solely by performing yoga or running on treadmills are long gone. Instead, today's active women are shattering traditional notions of being "fit" by participating in many activities showcasing their strength, power, and self-assurance. In addition, they are demonstrating that fitness need not be a tedious, uninteresting chore but rather a fun, inventive activity that can be done in place of the monotony of typical workouts like weightlifting and running.
  • Women are taking the lead in the fitness industry and inspiring others to try new things by spreading their enthusiasm for everything from yoga and Pilates to CrossFit and kickboxing to HIIT and even more niche practises like aerial yoga and pole dancing. In addition, female participation in traditionally male-dominated sports, including surfing, rock climbing, and stand-up paddle boarding, has increased significantly in recent years.

Women are challenging the norms of the "gym look" and the concept of strength by celebrating their bodies in diverse forms. This departure from conventional beauty standards has made fitness more accessible to people of all shapes and sizes.