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Fitness tip: Things you should consider before picking a workout routine

If you are short in height, you might find it difficult to lose weight and that's a fact.

Written by Paras Hemrajani |Published : November 1, 2019 8:28 PM IST

Never has there been so many exercises that can make you fit. With options like weight lifting, running, hot yoga, goat yoga, Pilates and many more in the market, it is easy to get confused about which one will benefit you the most. While exercises can reduce your risk of many diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancers and mood and sleep disorders, the truth is that many people are not getting enough of it. By choosing the right workout and fitness regime, a person will be able to achieve his/her fitness goals and would be able to keep his/her body healthy and alive for a long time. Here are some tips you should consider before choosing a fitness routine.

Do you want to go solo, double up or join a group?

Ask yourself how you want to train yourself, alone or with a group of friends. Some people prefer to work out alone as this offers a person the opportunity to work at his or her own pace. He/she will not have to indulge in conversation with any other person. It is also an escape from a busy social life. But people often don't push themselves if they are alone. Along with providing motivation, a friend can also guide you through the mistakes that you are making during your fitness routine. Chances of enjoying an exercise are much higher with friends than alone. If you are enjoying the exercise, then you would feel less of a burden.

Check the forecast

Not just the weather of that particular day but plan your fitness routine according to the year-round weather. It is easy to train outside in the summers. But you cannot follow the same routine in winter. So, it is best to plan a workout that is suitable for you all year long. If you change your routine after every 4 to 5 months, then your body may not be able to adjust to one specific routine.

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Don't let expense be an excuse

One of the most common excuses to avoid exercise is expense. Just because you don't have nice shoes, or a new cycle, doesn't mean that you cannot exercise. Ask yourself how much you are willing to spend on your gym training fee and gear. You can get a serious body workout like yoga or Pilates with no special equipment and space. But, spending more money will open up more options and opportunity for you.

Consider the distance

Don't join a gym simply because it is good. There is no point in driving for 40 minutes to reach it. Rather, choose one near to your place. This will provide you with the consistency, which is very important during exercise.

Explore every option

Rather than choosing and sticking to obvious options like running and jogging, choose an exercise that is best for you. There are plenty of physical activities out there that are fun and can simultaneously increase your heart rate.

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