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Fitness query: Are weighted leg raises beneficial?

Try different ways to use weights while doing leg exercises for better toning.

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Published : February 9, 2017 5:06 PM IST

I have a heavy lower body. Is placing weight on the thighs while doing leg raises a more effective way of toning the lower body? How much weight can be used and how many sets should begin with? Please advise.

Leg raises are an effective way to tone lower body especially your hips and thighs. Side and front leg raises practiced on the floor or in standing position usually form a part of the legs workout routine. Here s why standing leg raises are better than floor ones. Leg raises also help in toning of abdominal muscles and reduce belly fat. You can also try hanging leg raises to get rid of belly fat.

If you practice the correct technique while performing exercises, not only do the chances of injury reduce but you also get better results. Weights can be added to increase the intensity of exercise and make it challenging. However, you do not need to use weights in all exercises. While doing floor leg raises, it is inadvisable to place weights on your thighs suggests fitness expert Prosenjit Biswas, fitness trainer at Skulpt Kolkata.

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There are more effective ways of toning the lower body. Instead of doing the same, if someone did hip extension movement with added weights on ankle or any resistance band that can work to shape the butt, inner and outer thighs. You can use resistance bands tied to the pully for leg raises using weights too but placing weights on thighs must be avoided. For toning purpose, this workout activates the glutes muscles. You can also try plate hip abduction which is a form of leg raises performed in standing position along with weight plates.

If you wish to get more benefits from floor leg raises, you may increase the number of sets and reps in each set. You can also try these 5 exercises to get killer legs.

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