Fitness Plan Day 61: Stay hydrated and replenish your tired body!

Start your day with drinking a glass or water for an energetic and active day ahead!

It s day one of the third month, and you are already on a high with successfully completing 60 days of hard work and dedication. So before you start off day 61 of your fitness plan pat your back and with a smile on your face and get ready for a new day filled with fun and fitness.

Morning: Drink a glass or two of water on an empty stomach. Wondering why? Well, it not only helps in digestion but also flushes out harmful toxins. You can even go the traditional way by storing water in a copper vessel at night and drinking it in the morning for balancing three doshas namely vata, kapha and pitta. Click on the link to know 12 reasons drinking water in copper vessel is beneficial.

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Breakfast: Stop eating parathas and idlis for breakfast. Instead, include tasty and unique recipes loved by your kids and even adults. One such healthy breakfast option is masoor dal uttapam. Loaded with veggies and rich in fibre, it helps you to stay active for a long time. Here s how to prepare this yummy uttapam at home.

Lunch: How about trying spicy and delicious pepper prawns for lunch? If you are a seafood lover, it couldn t get better than this because it provides you only 150 calories and can be prepared quickly within 10 minutes. So when you are pressed for time, this recipe is a healthy and tasty option to try. You can complement it with rice and dal or with rotis for a complete meal.

Snacks: Want to indulge in some crispy and crunchy snacks today? Well, pack your tiffin with the healthy methi theplas. A native of Gujrat, it acts as a healthy replacement for biscuits and cookies loaded with maida. In addition to being low in calories, these contain iron and calcium that give a healthy twist to your munchies. Here is a step-by-step guide to prepare whole wheat methi khakhra.

Dinner: One thing that everyone should keep in mind is to have a light dinner as it aids in digestion and also helps you to sleep well. And hence, it is always a good idea have a bowl of soup in the night. To improve its nutritional value, various add spices and vegetables along with lemon and coriander. Here s how to make healthy lemon coriander soup recipe from scratch!


At home: If you are planning to kick-start your day with a bang, then try these early morning stretches to keep you active all day long. You have to spend only five minutes every day to make your mornings fun and energetic. Can do it in the morning? You can also try them in the evening. Here are steps to do this stretching exercise.

In the gym: Why not try hyperextension in the gym today? A back exercise, it helps you to target the lower back along with working on buttocks and hamstrings. All you need to do is lie on an inclined gym benc h with platforms facing down and lock your ankles. With your hands crossed over the chest, bend as far as possible keeping your back straight. Here s more you need to know about getting a sculpted back with weight training.

Yoga: If you are suffering from heart disease or diabetes or are at high risk of any lifestyle disease, then this simple yoga asana, Anulom vilom pranayam, is what you can t afford to miss. It not only keeps your mind calm and heals your body, but also increases flexibility. Here s more about the yoga asana, anulom vilom pranayam and the steps to perform it.

Sleep Tip

After working long hours on computers or watching TV, your eyes have to bear the brunt. And if they burn, this ultimately hinders with sleep. So to soothe your eyes and help you to sleep peacefully, use rose petals. Here are different ways to use rose petals for a good night s sleep.

Fitness Plan Day 60

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Disclaimer: If you follow a fitness plan already, consult your nutritionist before switching to this one. If you are allergic to any of the foods/ingredients mentioned, please do not consume it. Do not follow this plan without consulting your doctor if you suffer from a health condition hypertension, hypotension, diabetes, etc. or are pregnant.

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