Fitness plan day 357 – Improve your sex life with daily exercises

Beat bad breath and insomnia with yoga today.

Your efforts, willpower and consistency have got you this far. Did you believe you will be able to complete 357 days of your fitness journey successfully? Congratulate yourself and get geared up for today.

Morning Like every morning, wake up on time and drink a glass of water. Walk to your balcony or kitchen garden and pluck some tulsi leaves. Wash them thoroughly and chew them. Tulsi leaves help build a strong immunity and combat cold and infections too.

Breakfast Make the best use of seasonal vegetables by adding them to your regular recipes. Instead of the high-calorie pancakes, try the fiber-rich sweet potato pancakes that are nutritious, filling and equally delicious.

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Lunch Tacos and enchiladas are not the only Mexican dishes you must be thinking of. If you love the sweet, tangy flavour of Mexican cuisine then this Mexican rice recipe by Chef Tarla Dalal will surely appease your taste buds. What s more, it s completely oil-free.

Snacks If you are stocking up on healthy snacks, then you obviously have khakhras in your pantry. Get them out and makekhakhra pizzas today. It s low in calories and an exciting and flavourful snack for your evening hunger pangs.

Dinner If you are craving for some paranthas or roti for dinner today you can make this nutritious paneer methi paratha recipe. The ingredients help you load up on potassium, iron and vitamin C. Just ensure that you eat dinner a couple of hours before going to bed.


At home Exercising regularly has many more benefits than just making you look fit. It gives a boost to your sex life too. You can also practice these 7home exercises will help you last longer in bed.

Yoga If you are prone to bad breath or have been observing it lately, yoga can help. Practice these yoga poses that beat bad breath naturally.

At the gym You have been using the treadmill at the gym almost every day. But are you using it correctly? The right technique, posture and a few tips on setting the levels for running on the treadmill can affect your weightloss goals in a positive way. So here s how to use the treadmill effectively to lose more weight.

Sleep well tip Just like yoga is used to combat issues like bad breath, you can even use it to cope with sleepless nights. Try these 5 yoga poses to get better sleep.

Fitness plan day 356

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Disclaimer: If you follow a fitness plan already, consult your nutritionist before switching to this one. If you are allergic to any of the foods/ingredients mentioned, please do not consume it. Do not follow this plan without consulting your doctor if you suffer from a health condition hypertension, hypotension, diabetes, etc. or are pregnant.

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