Fitness plan day 236 – Enjoy your fitness routine

Enjoy whatever you do to stay happy and on track!

Who said staying fit means following a boring routine? With new exercises, delicious weight loss and healthy recipes, we ensure that you don t find the daily routine monotonous. Adding fun to your routine helps you stick to it longer. So here s today s fun fitness plan:

Morning Don t put your alarm on snooze ever. Even worse is switching it off. Though you might not realise but that few minutes of extra sleep after your usual wake-up time leaves you grumpier. Here are 9morning dos and don ts for incredible health

Breakfast Satisfy those morning hunger pangs by a healthy and hearty breakfast. Just rushing out with a cup of coffee or delaying breakfast until late morning is not going to help you. Binge on this stuffed omelette rich in micronutrients and proteins along with multigrain or whole wheat bread.

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Lunch Looking for quick lunch recipes? Make anda bhurji as it is easy, tasty and absolutely healthy. Add a bowl full of onions, tomatoes and capsicum to it to incorporate the veggies. They taste great with plain paranthas. Use oil or ghee sparingly while roasting the paranthas.

Snacks If you have to been having a lot of fruits daily, try ways to add at least one fruit in one of your meals. For snack time, you can make healthy version of fruit custard today. A big bowl of fresh fruits will keep you full till dinner and replenish the nutrients lost during workouts.

Dinner Home style food every day can get boring. Make something restaurant style for dinner. This tasty herbed chicken steak with potato wedges and coleslaw.makes for an exciting dinner on a weekday and is ready in less than half an hour.


At home When exercising at home, don t assume you can perform the exercises without the right gear. Wear your workout clothes, the right shoes and use a soft mat to avoid any kind of injuries. Check this video to get rid of thunder thighs with fun home exercises today.

YogaVajrasana has multiple benefits. It improves digestion, blood glucose level and even relieves you of stress. Practice this to calm your mind and body at the gym or home today.

At the gym Try a different exercise today at the gym after your cardio session. Chin up exercises are an effective form of back exercises. You can try them along with other back exercises. Check this video to know how it is done and other back exercises for gym goers.

Sleep well tip Hitting the bed on time each day is important so you don t have to hit the snooze button of the alarm in the morning. Disciplining your mind and body is important for staying on track. Avoid changing your sleeping patterns. Following a pattern will help you sleep better too.

Fitness plan day 235

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Disclaimer: If you follow a fitness plan already, consult your nutritionist before switching to this one. If you are allergic to any of the foods/ingredients mentioned, please do not consume it. Do not follow this plan without consulting your doctor if you suffer from a health condition hypertension, hypotension, diabetes, etc. or are pregnant.

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