Fitness plan day 232 – Be fit, not just lean

Fitness plan day 232 – Be fit, not just lean

Concentrate on staying fit and healthy than just losing weight

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Published : August 19, 2016 1:55 AM IST

Losing weight may be your goal, but you also need to ensure that you stay healthy. Once you are fit and build up good stamina, you ll observe a toned and lean body. Don t opt for crash diets or go anorexic. This will just increase health problems and nothing else.

Morning Growing a tulsi plant at home is a practice followed by many Indians. Chew some tulsi leaves after drinking a glass of water when you wake up. Don t drink or eat anything after chewing the leaves for half an hour. Here are some ways chewing tulsi leaves can benefit you.

Breakfast Make these protein rich soya and cucumber pancakes for breakfast today. These can be combined with a nutritious green chutney for a complete breakfast. Have a glass of plain milk with it for your daily calcium dose.

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Lunch Seafood lovers are always benefitted. They can easily up their intake of omega 3 fatty acids and proteins through healthy fish recipes. This Kashmiri fish recipe is an aromatic and light recipe. It s easy on spices too. You can have it with rotis or brown rice.

Snacks Hopefully, you don t ned to be advised to stay away from chips or fried snacks. But you definitely need to snack on something in the evening. Munch on roasted chanas that are high in fibre, low in calories, have a low glycemic index and are an ideal weightloss snack.

Dinner The fibre content of chanas will keep you full till dinner time. Skip carbohydrates for dinner today. Make celebrity chef Rakhee Vaswani s recipe of delicious chicken satay. You can replace the chicken with paneer if you are a vegetarian.


At home Hoem exercises are a great way to devote more time for workouts. You could do simple push-ups or crunches if you are unable to spend more than an hour at the gym. You can also try these 5 simple exercises to stay fit from the comfort of your home.

Yoga If you are heavy on the hips or want to tone them, practice the eka pada rajakapotasana or the pigeon pose at home. This pose is great for those who sit long hours at work and improves the flexibility of hip muscles.

At the gym The shrugs exercise is highly recommended by fitness trainer Kaizzad Capadia. It helps strengthen your core and back muscles. If you are already doing it, increase the weights to move to the next level.

Sleep well tip Sore muscles need some comfort. A warm water bath before going to bed and a glass of turmeric milk is ideal for healing. Serotonin, present in turmeric relieves stress and induces better sleep too. Here s how turmeric milk helps you sleep better.

Fitness plan day 231

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Disclaimer: If you follow a fitness plan already, consult your nutritionist before switching to this one. If you are allergic to any of the foods/ingredients mentioned, please do not consume it. Do not follow this plan without consulting your doctor if you suffer from a health condition hypertension, hypotension, diabetes, etc. or are pregnant.

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