Fitness or sex, Sherlyn Chopra likes being 'on top'! (Exclusive interview)

Fitness or sex, Sherlyn Chopra likes being 'on top'! (Exclusive interview)

The hot actress talks to us about Kamasutra 3D, her fitness secrets and how she loves to be a woman on top!

Written by Nirmalya Dutta |Updated : March 9, 2014 12:12 PM IST

Sheryln Chopra - Woman on TopSherlyn Chopra is undoubtedly one of the fittest and boldest actresses in B-town. While other actresses baulk at the thought of being pictured in bikinis (or after being pictured in them), she neither shies away from showing off or talking about her body nor worries about voicing her opinion on a variety of topics including fitness and sex. We caught up with India's only Playboy cover-girl who took time out of her busy shooting schedule to talk to us:

Q. You are one of the few Bollywood actors who are extremely comfortable with her body. How do you do it? Do you've any specific workout regime?

Fortunately, I filter my mental blocks regularly due to which I'm at great ease with my body. Fitness is my lifestyle, not a mere occasional indulgence. I thoroughly enjoy cardio and weight-training.

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Sheryln WeightsQ. What does a typical day's exercise routine look like? Are you into weight training? What do you have to say to people who say women shouldn't lift weights?

When I'm not shooting around the clock, I hit the gym to do 45 min of cardio and 30 min of weight training. Women can lift whatever they want to. (Benefits of weight training for women)

Q. What do you eat all day? Do you follow any specific diet regime? What is your favourite go-to healthy snack?

I consume strictly home-made food when I'm in Mumbai. I love rich carbs such as steamed brown rice, jowar/baajraki roti, high protein such as chicken/fish and lentil, fibre such as green salad, sprouts and fruits. My favourite snacks include ragi wafers and boiled corn. (Healthy weight loss diet)

Q. Do you think you've any problem areas? Did you've any apprehensions about doing nude scenes? Did you do anything to get camera-ready? These days we're inundated by stories about how actors go through tough regimes to get in shape for a movie do you've any special regime?

I lead a very healthy lifestyle and I do not have problem areas on my body. But then it takes a lot of effort to maintain a slim body. It's very easy and tempting to let go. Thankfully, I have zero apprehensions about nude scenes as I know with certainty that my body looks nothing less than unadulterated art. I was asked by the makers of Kamasutra 3D to give my lean structure a toned look for which I started lifting weights. For a movie like Kamasutra 3D, one cannot afford to look less than ten on ten. And so, I've been visiting the gym with a vengeance to stay fab & fit.

CardioQ. Do you've tips for people who suffer from body image issues?

I believe that we are the masters of our reality. Hence, we can change our reality as and when we want to with a mere shift in our thoughts and attitude. To those who suffer from body image issues, I'd like to say, 'If you want something badly, truly, deeply and madly, you can have it.' It's as simple as that.

Q. The KamaSutrawas the world's oldest and most comprehensive sex manual. How is the movie related to the book? Also what other aspects of the scriptures does it cover?

Erotica is most often perceived as an easy, tantalizing sexual arousal. Kamasutra 3D which is based on Vatsyayana's Kamasutra portrays erotica as a force that compels one towards fundamental living. The film is about the journey of an Indian princess who undergoes mental, emotional, spiritual and sexual transformations while in pursuit of her husband. Like the book, the film reiterates the essence of love-making, the lack of which creates an incomparable void in one's life.

Q. There's a tendency to blame rising sex crimes on porn, Western values or skimpily clad women? What's your opinion on that?

That's perhaps the best way to divert attention from the root cause of all anti-social elements which is undoubtedly corruption.

Q. Why did we lose our liberal attitudes?

I choose to believe that we're progressing with each passing day. We're not perfect. We're not regressive either.

Q. How can we stop men from treating women like objects?

By creating constant and consistent awareness through education, art etc. and by having zero-tolerance to prejudicial behaviour.

Q. Do you think we will ever become a nation which can respect a woman's sexuality?

We're getting there.

And finally we did a survey on our site for sex positions people liked the most and they voted for woman on top, followed by rear entry or doggie style? Which is your favourite?

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