Fitness Habits: A Step-By-Step Guide To Making Fitness Your Pal

Every effort matters when you choose fitness as a lifestyle.

If you're struggling to form a fitness habit and sticking to it, you're not alone. This book by Amaresh Ojha will help you master the art of making fitness a habit.

Fitness should be part of a daily lifestyle rather than a hobby or a challenge to achieve a short-term goal. However, many people struggle to make fitness as their daily habit. Amaresh Ojha, Founder of India's largest fitness discovery platform GYMPIK, shares tips on how to master the art of making fitness a habit in his debut book 'Fitness Habits Breaking The Barriers To Fitness.' Touted as one of the most practical fitness books for both beginners and those who have an on and off camaraderie with fitness, this non-fiction book was published by Srishti Publications as paperback and eBook on April 12, 2021.

Through this book, Ojha an entrepreneur, start-up mentor and public speaker wants to help individuals discover the nuances of making fitness a lifestyle. The book starts with the common psychological notions that block people from taking a step forward towards attaining fitness. The author mentions why some people struggle to make fitness as their daily habit, while for others, it ends up becoming a mandatory ritual. He goes on to explain some simple and practical strategies which his readers can apply to pull themselves up when they fall back on their fitness journey especially when they run out of motivation to continue.

As the book progresses, the author also describes how someone can become a healthier version of themselves by tweaking their lifestyle. By making some minimal but effective changes in the daily routine, anyone can form a fitness habit and stick to it, till it becomes their second nature.

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Stick to the eight secrets of fitness

The chapters in the book also discuss the best practices that may shatter the long-held beliefs, gradually opening a new horizon to understand the concept of fitness and physical health in a new light. This book is designed to help its readers master the art of making fitness a habit by laying out how the fitness habits loop works. The technique of sticking to the eight secrets defined in the book can enable an individual to incorporate fitness into their daily life. One of the most powerful quotes from the book that will stay with you for a long time is, "Nothing goes in vain; nothing gets wasted. Even your small attempts make a difference."

Towards the end of the book, the author has meticulously compiled all the lessons in a single chapter so that the readers can remember the key rules on their journey to developing their fitness habits.

There is no good or bad workout

This excerpt from the chapter perfectly sums up the essence of the book, "Every effort matters when you choose fitness as a lifestyle. You progress every day when you choose to go ahead with your workout, even for ten minutes. Your small efforts with consistency weave your progress together and you succeed in the way you always wanted to. Developing fitness habits is just the beginning of bringing immense goodness into your life. It instigates many small habits that cumulatively lead you to the fitness results you desire. There is no good or bad workout. No workout should ever feel or look like a chore or a punishment. Staying fit is a reward that you are bestowing on your body. Enjoy every little progress as a step to success and build your fitness habit stronger with every move."

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