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Fitness Goal 2023: Ignore These 4 Healthy Weight Loss Tips If You Want To Lose Weight For A Healthier Life

It's frequently useless to just advise folks who are having weight issues to eat less and walk more. This is one tip you need to ignore.

As you get ready to welcome the New Year and set fitness goals for 2023, we bring you a list of things you must keep in mind to lose weight in a healthy manner.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : January 11, 2023 8:31 AM IST

There are 193,000,000 results for 'the best diet to lose weight' on Google, many of which are 'quick' solutions from untrained people posing as experts. It draws attention to the abundance of information that is purported to be the answer for you despite the fact that no two bodies are the same. The wide variety of 'quick fixes' and 'wonder fads' might appear alluring and come with promises of speedy weight reduction, but regrettably, any promise of quick weight loss is a warning sign since they are frequently unrealistic and unsustainable.


As you step into 2023, it is imperative that you set fitness goals for yourself. If you are overweight or obese, losing weight must be high on your list of 'to-do' things. But you need to be prudent about it. Here we list a few common healthy 'tips' that you need to stay away from.

Calories don't matter

We consume food, not data. For instance, a handmade sandwich with 500 kcals and a sandwich made with manufactured cheese containing the same calories isn't the same thing. Why? You absorb all 500 calories from the manufactured cheese sandwich. However, you only absorb 410 calories from the handcrafted sandwich because of how the meal is created. The impact of various calorie sources on your health and weight varies. Foods go through many metabolic processes and affect hormones and appetite differently, both of which control body weight.

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Eat less, workout more

It's frequently useless to just advise folks who are having weight issues to eat less and walk more. It's comparable to advising someone who is depressed to smile. Due to biochemical and physiological reasons, the majority of people who heed this advice gain weight again. However, even if you follow a healthy diet and exercise frequently, you may still be overweight due to factors like carrying extra muscle mass. We all know that the data alone cannot reveal the complete story.

Overeating fat causes you to gain weight

This one is also popular but not quite right. Obesity is frequently attributed to excess weight. Although fat is calorie-dense it has nine calories for every gramme compared to four for carbohydrates or protein as long as your calorie consumption is within a healthy level, fat won't make you gain weight. Simply told, fat doesn't promote weight gain on its own; it's just one more calorie source in your diet. Contrary to popular belief, fat is essential for good body function.

The simplest strategy to lower your calorie consumption is to skip meals

Have you used this tip before? It's neither enjoyable nor viable. The most efficient strategy to shed body fat, according to studies, is modest, consistent weight reduction over an extended period of time. Try this instead: Aim to regulate your portion sizes at each meal and select healthy snacks in between instead of just missing meals and running the risk of exhaustion, potential bingeing, and cravings.


Keep these two very important things in mind when you start your weight loss journey.

Don't succumb to peer pressure

For the next couple of months, discussions with friends and co-workers will probably centre on New Year's resolutions. Even if your buddy or favourite celebrity praises their diet, your body will react to an eating pattern differently than anybody else's.

Ask your doctor for recommendations

Consult your primary care physician or a registered dietitian about which eating plan could be most beneficial for you over the long run if you want to safely and efficiently achieve your objectives of eating healthier and feeling better.

(This article is authored by Jinal Patel, Dietitian, Apollo Spectra Mumbai)

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