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Are you ready for a fitness boot camp?

The exercises in bootcamp are aimed to make you burn more calories and improve your body strength and agility.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Published : December 24, 2014 5:27 PM IST

What is boot camp?

Boot camp is like a crash course in sports or fitness. It is done to train for a specific event or a purpose or a goal. In boot training, your focus should only be on the training twenty hours a day for a specific period of days or months before the event.

What kind of training is done in boot camp?

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Well-known MMA expert Anmol Londhe says, Bootcamp is meant for stepping up from your normal fitness routine. The training done in the boot camp is described as extreme in nature. For example, a national-level boxer attends the national boxing bootcamp three months before his international level tournament. In the training, you are meant to raise your fitness levels so that you can perform better in the event. All the physical activities in the training are designed to push your limits to a higher level.

The type of boot camp training widely depends on the goals of an individual. A person who wants to lose weight within a certain period takes up the rigorous routine in the boot camp where all the exercises are focused on weight loss.

What are the different forms of physical exercises included?

The types of physical exercises in boot camp are goal and training specific. Cardio and strength training exercises form the base of the training. The exercises are aimed to make you burn more calories and improve your body strength and agility. Read how practising martial arts helps you lose weight.

Body weight exercises

Jumping jacks, squats, pushups, crunches and lunges are some of the best boot camp exercises. These exercises target multiple muscle groups, unlike isolation exercises.

Outdoor exercises

Boot camp training often includes walking on the hills to improve your power and stamina. The boot camp trainees also perform bodyweight exercises in the playground. Pushups and lunges are done on the benches of a park.

Group moves

The training can be fun as it is performed in groups. Full intensity workouts such as squat thrusts and squat jumps are performed in groups accompanied by jogs.

Does this kind of training have any kind of health benefit?

The biggest benefit of the training is that it makes you fit in a short period of time. According to Anmol, one to two months of proper boot camp training is equal to six to eight months of a normal day to day training. The exercises speed up your metabolism and promote your cardiovascular health. Besides, boot camp can give an incredible amount of boost to your confidence.

Tips to keep in mind

  • Understand your body limits and don t try to stress too much. It is common among many to get carried away and exercise too hard. Avoid it to prevent any kind of injury.
  • Do not become over dependant on the training as it can make you lethargic to perform day to day fitness exercises.

Can everyone do it?

According to our expert, from absolute newcomers to professional athletes everyone is eligible for the training. However, people with injury even a minor one or any kind of health problem should abstain from it. Taking up boot camp will only aggravate the condition.

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