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5 fitness apps for Android to help you achieve your fitness goal

Try out these 5 android apps to keep yourself motivated and have fun while losing weight and becoming more fit!

Written by Anuradha Varanasi |Updated : February 19, 2016 9:04 AM IST

One of the biggest challenges of trying to exercise regularly and work towards your fitness goal is to stay motivated. Getting outside your comfort zone and pushing yourself to test your limits and be physically active can be a daunting task. These are the 5 ways to to motivate yourself to workout harder. If you re looking for a way to stay on track and get some regular feedback and guidance for exercising, you could try out these five fitness apps. All of them are free of cost and compatible with your smartphone. Here s how they can help:


Most of us are guilty of signing up for a year-long gym membership and then rarely showing up at the gym, if at all. While you might feel guilty about not working out, that still doesn t mean you will start going regularly. That s where this app called the GymShamer can help. It makes you use Foursquare, another app that is popular for using GPS for checking into different places.

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If you don t check into your gym and follow the goal you set for yourself on the app, it will publicly post how you failed to meet your fitness goals on social media platforms like Twitter. By using public shaming and encouraging your friends to also join in, it will help in keeping you motivated.


This is the most effective running app you could find for your Android phone. It uses your phone s GPS system to track how many kilometers you have walked or ran. Along with that, it can also count the number of calories you have burnt, your pace throughout the run and how long you took to complete it.

To help keep you motivated, you can add your friends on the app to see how they have been performing during each running or walking session. The app records each session and maintains a database so you know how far you ve come since you first started running.

Nike +Training Club

Nike's fitness app has over 100 workouts to choose from. Through this app, you can set up and choose your own workout regime that will be scheduled according to your fitness or weight loss goals. The app also has a wide range of exercises to choose from including a few yoga poses, pilates, cardio and weight training.


This app stands for Simply Work It and could be effective for those who have a bad habit of procrastinating when it comes to exercising. Through this app, you can set up an exercise routine of your choice whether you want to do yoga, pilates, cardio or weight lifting. The app has a wide range of exercises so you re not at the risk of getting bored of doing the same set of exercises. You could also use Pact, a fitness app that pays you to lose weight!

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