Exercises to get a toned butt by using just a foam roller

These foam rolling moves will tone your butt and stretch your hip flexors. Try them out.

Foam rolling helps to massage your body and loosen up stiff and tight muscles which are a must to prevent injury. But there is more to foam rolling than to just ease post-workout soreness. If you want a toned backside, these moves recommended by Sagar Pednekar, fitness expert Gold's Gym India which incorporate a foam roller are sure to make your muscles burn. These moves also stretch your hip flexors and help reduce the tightness in muscles that occurs from sitting all day long. The constant stretching in foam rollers also makes you more flexible.


  • Begin with lying on your back placing your feet on the foam roller.
  • Slowly lift your backside up into a pelvic bridge keeping your pelvis stable and the roller still.
  • Once you find your balance, lift one leg up such that it is in a marching position and then switch to the other side.

Make sure that you keep your shoulders away from your ears and your core tight. Also, try to maintain the roller still throughout the exercise. This move not only tones your butt but also works your balance and strengthens your back. Aim to perform this exercise 15-20 times three times through. Also, try these kettlebell exercises for a toned butt.

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Part bridging

  • Lie down on your back on the ground and your feet on the roller.
  • Then lift your butt to get into bridge position and hold until you find your balance.
  • As you bring your hips down, move the roller out with your legs.
  • Slowly lower your back to the ground and then pull the foam roller back to the starting position.

To work your core and challenge your pelvic stability, you can also lift your arms up. While you perform the exercise, just make sure that your body does not rock from side to side. Repeat the steps 15-20 times. Take the sexy butt challenge and tone and shape your butt in 7 days.

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