6 times when Katrina Kaif gave us major #FitnessGoals

Katrina Kaif is the real fitness goddess.

Katrina Kaif is one of the most fitness-conscious celebs in Bollywood and the envious body she owns goes through a lot at the gym. Katrina Kaif loves to work out and keeps giving us glimpses of her gym sessions from time to time. She will give you all the inspiration you need to hit the gym. And these 8 moments of her working out will fill you with #FitnessMotivation instantly.

When she was coaching her BFF Alia like a boss...

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Look at her doing Pilates and making it seem like a piece of cake.

She doesn't even leave her movie sets. Now if this doesn't motivate you to hit the gym then I don't know what will.

Warming up on set . @rezaparkview

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You're heart will scream #FitnessGoals looking at Katrina's toned body.

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Make way for Katrina to teach you ways of using a resistance bands like a pro. This video will make your jaws drop.

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Here's Katina Kaif making weight-lifting look like a child's play. She is impressive beyond belief.

Isn't she just #goals?

Image: Instagram/katrinakaif

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