Fond of outdoor exercise? Try these to avoid sun exposure

Next time you go out for outdoor exercise or running sessions, make sure you follow these tips to avoid exposure to sun.

Outdoor exercise has always been the best rather than keeping indoor. However, if you are skipping out on avoiding exposure to sun during your outdoor jogging or workout session, you are certainly putting your health in danger in many ways. Starting from hyperpigmentation to skin infection and increased chances of skin cancer, exposure to sun may lead to several other ailments. Here's a list of handy tips that you should follow to stay away from the sun while pumping up your bones and muscles outdoor.

Never forget your sunscreen: You should have extra sunscreen tubes stocked almost everywhere, be it in your car or purse or gym bag and you must make it a habit to use it before heading out for your outdoor exercise or running sessions as they serve as the first line of shield between your skin and the sun. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, you should go for full spectrum, water-resistant brands that offer protection from UVA and UVB rays. You need to apply it in considerably large quantity (one ounce that can fill up a shot glass) at least 15 minutes before you head outside. Not using sunscreen on a cloudy day is not so wise as clouds do not prevent ultraviolet rays penetration.

Use UPF clothing: If you are not comfortable with using sunscreen too often, you should switch over to ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) clothes. This fabric is super efficient in blocking radiation than the others. However, you make sure you apply sunscreen to the body parts that are not under the UPF clothing.

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Cover your body from head to toe: You should try to avoid exposing your body and cover it as much possible under your clothes when you head out for jogging outdoor. Long sleeve tops, full pants and leggings, hats, sunglasses are a must to avoid prolonged exposure to sun.

Don't go out during peak sun hours: You should try and go out for exercising when the sun is not high right above your head. Avoid 10 am to 3 pm outdoor sessions. That is when sun hits your skin the most. Keep your outdoor sessions close to dawn and dusk.

Go find a shade: Discover a route with lots of trees and leaf cover that can provide you shade while you are on the run. Covered pavilions and shady parks are good options to avoid direct exposure to sun while exercising and running outdoor.

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