Exclusive interview -- How Rocky & Mayur plan to lose weight and get fit

India's favourite foodies, Rocky and Mayur, tell us how they strive to get fit, eat nutritious and make healthy lifestyle choices.

After savouring every kind of delicacy across the country, Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma of the Highway On My Plate fame, now show you how to burn those calories and stay fit on their new show, Get Fit, on NDTV Good Times. These two have decided to go from flab-to-fab by losing weight and toning up by the end of the show. You'd think that they will have to give up on all the delicious food, but they plan to merely replace it with healthier options. In a fun conversation, the foodie duo talk about how challenging it is to get fit, their favourite healthy food and their fitness funda. Here are excerpts from our conversation.

Since you guys are known as the biggest foodies of the country, what is the healthiest food you've had that you loved?

Mayur: For me, it has to be a bowl full of fruits with tomatoes, cream or berries with a little pepper. It gives you fibres, minerals, vitamins and it looks nice. It can be a bowl of different fruits or just one fruit with some berries and pepper in it.

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Rocky: Tandoori chicken! It's marinated, grilled, has high protein content and is a low-calorie food.

Were you guys fitness conscious beforeHighway On My Plate happened?

Mayur: Yes, of course. We were very active. In fact, back in college, Rocky used to play football at the national level. I used to play basketball when I was studying in the UK. We have been physically active all our lives.

What challenges did you face when you started off with Get Fit?

Mayur: The biggest challenge was to be alert. Once you are alert, you have the power to do something and it helps in every aspect of your life. Fitness is not just about dieting and losing weight, it's a 360 propagation. You need to make sure that you maintain a healthy routine for your meals and sleep. You have to keep your system hydrated and make healthy lifestyle choices. Spreading the awareness that you can make healthier choices is another big challenge. Both of us, because of our work and love for food, eat a lot. And because of this, the stomach stretches over time. So when we began working out, it was very difficult to eat controlled portion, but with practice it became much easier. The best part of working out is seeing the benefits. When you see the benefits and growth after a few weeks of working out, it encourages you to work harder.

What is your favourite part about getting fit?

Mayur: I think it is being able to exercise and not be exhausted. It's a great feeling.

Rocky: I can sleep so much better after exercising and I feel energised most of the times.

How do you make sure that even your family stays fit and healthy?

Rocky: Both our respective wives and children have made sure that they eat healthy food and get enough exercise. They take good care of us and themselves and see to it that we have balanced meals.

Any message for our readers?

Rocky: Start making the change from unhealthy to healthy early on in life. Stick to it. Keep going ahead and it'll get better.

Mayur: Slowly slowly catchy monkey. What it means is, take it slow and steady, celebrate the small retreats and you'll be amazed at what a different person you'll be a year down the line.

...and they signed off on a healthy note!

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