Every carb lover must try these tricks to reduce calories in pasta

Also included: tips to increase flavour that will make you drool.

Pasta has got a bad reputation because of the carbohydrate content in it, but there are ways you can make it make it healthier without actually derailing your diet. Nutritionist Urvashi Sawhney tells you how you can enjoy pasta guilt-free.

  • Toss in some seafood. Besides providing you with some lean protein, seafood gives you omega three fatty acids that can be easily added to your pasta.
  • You will need fewer noodles if you boost your pasta with beans. Plus you will get the bonus of extra fibre and protein. Try adding chickpeas or lentils to your pasta.
  • The sauces you add can be high in sugar and calories so be careful of what you are adding to your pasta. Instead of adding too much sauce bulk up your pasta with delicious vegetables. Mushrooms, eggplants, carrots and zucchini are some of the few nutritious options.
  • Look for the whole grain pasta options and look for their nutritional breakdown. You can also add quinoa to your favourite pasta broth for that extra energy. Try this healthy low-calorie chunky tomato pasta.
  • Make a point to measure your pasta before you cook it. One serving of pasta would make up to one cup of the cooked grain. Eating in moderation can be tough, so it is best that you make it a practice to measure your food before cooking it.
  • Make a lighter pasta sauce. Add pesto to your pasta sauce and take a break from the classic marinara. The olive oil in pesto can offer plenty of fats to keep you satiated. Also, try using these vegetables to replace pasta.
  • Instead of adding calories, toss spices into your pasta dish. You will feel satiated with less when your meal packs more flavour. The traditional pasta add-ins like parsley, oregano and basil can be great.

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