Ekpada uttanasana -- an asana to improve digestion and tone your tummy

Here is a yoga asana that can help you not only get a flat tummy, but also one that can improve your digestion and make you more flexible.

Ekpada uttan asana Ekpada uttanasana also known as the one-leg-raised yoga pose, is one of the best asanas to help tone the muscles of your abdomen and upper thighs. Apart from that it is a great pose for people suffering from asthma, as it opens up the chest invigorating the entire respiratory system and supplying fresh oxygen to deprived parts of the body. This asana also helps with flexibility, making your hip muscles more flexible and strengthens your lower back. Considering how the pose is done, ekpada uttanasana also helps improve digestion, and massages the organs directly related to your sexual health; ensuring that you have a healthy libido. Moreover, if you suffer from menstrual disorders, this asana is just what the doctor ordered.

Steps to do this asana:

  • Lie down on the floor with your legs stretched out and your hands by your side.
  • Make sure your entire body is relaxed at this stage.
  • Now, stretch out and point the toes of your right leg and tighten the muscles of the entire leg.
  • Next, inhale and raise the leg so that it is perpendicular to your body.Do not jerk up the leg since you may end up injuring your back.
  • Hold this position for about six seconds while holding our breath.
  • To go back to the starting position, slowly exhale and lower your leg simultaneously. Rest for six breaths and then do the same exercise with your left leg.

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