Don’t want to drink? Use these 7 reasons to turn down alcohol

Not fond of drinking? Here are some excuses you can give your friends for not consuming alcohol.

Are you a non-alcoholic person and do your friends call you a party pooper if you don't drink with them? Going out for a party and not drinking there is completely acceptable, regardless of the reason. If socialising over drinks is not something for you then you can use these 7 ways to say 'no' to your friends when offered a drink:

  1. Refuse politely- Turn down the offer politely. This will not hurt your friends and will also allow you to adhere to your rules and principles.
  2. Hold a non-alcoholic drink- If you are non-alcoholic and too sweet to say 'no', you should quickly grab a soft drink as it can work as the best excuse for not drinking. When you already have a drink in your hand, nobody will ask you for another.
  3. Say you have to drive back home- Drinking and driving is a serious punishable offense. And moreover you yourself do not feel fit enough to drive after being drunk. So tell your friends that you have to drive back home and so you cannot drink.
  4. Practice saying 'NO'- Learn to say 'no' clear upright. Stop giving lame excuses like you do not like the taste of it or you do not like the smell of it. Be bold enough to take your stand and say a direct 'no.'
  5. Say you are on medication- If you are on medication then a sane person will not ask you to drink. So you can use this reason and save your ass from drinking.
  6. Say you are on a diet- If you are on a supplement diet or if you are gymming then you should not have alcohol as the spirit burns your liver which is harmful and this can be the perfect reason to avoid alcohol.
  7. Say your grandparents are at home- This may sound like a lame excuse but it can actually work sometimes. Tell your friends that you have to head back home and your grandparents and relatives are waiting there for you.

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