Does your gym have these 10 IRRITATING personalities?

Here's looking at 10 types of people who make life difficult for us at the gym.

GymgoersWhat do you hate the most about your fellow gym goers? Is it their incessant chattering, their sweaty, smelly bodies or the fact that some of them seem to confuse the gym for their living room? Here are the top 10 kinds of people you're likely to run into in the gym who will make you feel particularly murderous:

The Loudmouth

While the mobile has done great things for the world, completely revolutionising the dissemination of information, it has also given idiots a 24/7 talking device which should be surgically attached to their ears. This person will always be completely impervious to 'no mobiles please' signs and loves to chat away while working out. Then you'll again get to hear him/her complaining that they don't lose any weight after spending hours at the gym every day!

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The Equipment Hogger

While hogger might not really be a word, we thought it was one that needed to be created to define this particular gym-goer type. The Hogger seems to live under the impression that he's the only one that has paid for membership and take their sweet time with every machine. They tend to exercise even more slowly when they see someone else waiting for the machine and make you want to unload all the free weights on his head.

The Sweater

Perhaps the most hated of all types of gym-goers, The Sweater leaves huge puddles of salty water wherever he goes. He leaves it on the bench, on the dumbbells, the mats and even the floors. To make up for his overactive glands, The Sweater is also blessed with a shameless gland which prevents him from feeling the any shame. He is also allergic to towels, tissues and other materials that can be used to wipe sweat.

The Know-It-All

Present without fail in every gym, this person looks friendly and amicable in the beginning and gives good-natured advice when you first enter the gym. Pretty soon, the drizzle becomes a torrent and it becomes a task to tell him to shut up and let you exercise in peace. (Also read: Gymming incomplete without a personal trainer)

The Laze-Around

The purpose of the gym is lost on this person who treats the gym like his living room. The Laze-Around is likely to be around the cardio equipment, moving along at a snail's pace. He hates going towards the weight section and if he does find himself in there, takes 20-minute breaks between each set.

The Gaper

While this isn't a personality unique to the Indian subcontinent, they are far likelier to occur here having not seen the female of their species in gym clothes before (or so it appears). The Gaper's raison d'etre at the gym seems to simply check out women. He becomes particularly excited when he spots a tank top or a short. Understandably, the female of the species are extremely wary of him and it's his kind which makes many of them workout at home.

The Music Aficionado

There's always one person at the gym who irrespective of the exercise he's doing is extremely bothered about the kind of music that's playing in the gym. The DJ's chosen genre, song or beat never pleases him and the notion that he can get his own iPod to listen to is lost on him.

The Stinker

Similar and sometimes identical to The Sweater, the Stinker too shares a similar aversion to basic hygiene. Deodorants, sticks and other forms of body odour inhibitors just don't interest this man.

The Locker Room Slob

The Locker Room Slob is one who treats the bathroom like her own bathroom. She likes to leave objects on the floor like towels, tissues, gym clothes, cosmetics and other assorted items. She also has a tendency to spend an inappropriately long amount of time in the shower or lavatory and makes one more murderous by singing in the shower!

The Gossipers

This is one gym personality that likes to roam around in herds. They usually arrive in groups and seem least bothered with exercising. They behave like the gym's their local watering hole and spend hours discussing everything under the sun without working up a sweat.

So we told you our least favourite gym personalities. Do you have any you want to add to the list?

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