DIY: Here's the right way to make paneer or cottage cheese at home

Homemade paneer is the best. Give it a shot today!

Paneer aka cottage cheese is a great source of vegetarian protein and tastes amazingly well too. 100 gm of paneer has about 18 gm of protein and helps muscle building and repair. Rich in calcium it is also known to help maintain good bone health. If you din't know paneer can also help in burning fat as it is rich in linoleic acid which is a fatty acid that can help burning fat. There are a number of health benefits associated with paneer. However, packed paneer purchased from the market is loaded with preservatives and cannot be trusted for its quality. Here's the right way to make panner at home.

You'll need:

2 litres or about 8 cups of full-fat milk

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1 whole lemon (aboout 2 tbsp lemon juice) you can use 2 tbsp pf vinegar or 4-5 spoons of yogurt too.


Boil the milk and thicken the consistency for softer paneer.

While it is on the flame add the lemon juice or yoghurt while stirring the milk slowly. Don't stop stirring until you have completely poured lemon juice or yoghurt.

Once you see the milk churning switch off the heat. Add a little more of the lemon juice or vinegar if you see that the milk isn't churning.

Do not let it cook now instead you must do something to cool it immediately. You must keep around you some ice cubes to help it cool down. Put the mixture with its vessel into the ice bowl to let the vessel cool down immediately.

Take a thin muslin cloth or cheese cloth and transfer the mix into it in wa way that the white crumbles you see in the liquid does not spill out and the rest of the water is drained out.

Tie a tight knot in the cloth to squeeze out the remaining liquid and hang it for 30 minutes to slowly let the excess water drain out.

After 30 minutes place the paneer bag on a sieve and place a flat object like a plate on it and again place a heavy object on top of that plate to flatten the paneer. Unwrap in an hour and cut it into cubes.

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