What is the Dukan diet plan?

Read to know if Dukan diet can help you lose weight!

Dieting for weight loss is not new. With the advent of numerous diets, it has become a fad for people to try new types of diets now and then to shed that extra flab. And Dukan diet plan is the recent one to gain popularity in the list. French nutritionist Pierre Dukan created the diet that is based on the principle of limiting the carbohydrate intake thereby forcing the body to burn more fat and aid in weight loss. Dr Purwa Duggal, Head of Nutrition, Fortis Hospital, Mulund sheds light on what is a Dukan diet and its repercussions.

Dukan diet -- what is it?

The diet is based around eating high-protein foods while severely limiting all carbohydrates including fruits, starchy vegetables, legumes and whole grains. Low-fat and protein-rich sources such as fish, poultry and reduced-fat dairy products are recommended. The diet is implemented in a phased manner (a 4 phase plan) that comprises of eating protein-rich foods, drinking enough water and walk daily for a minimum of 20 minutes. Here are 10 best protein-rich foods for weight loss.

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Dukan diet -- Does it work?

Well, Dukan diet does provide a quick jump start for people with a sluggish metabolism due to the high protein intake. Also, it allows people to eat unlimited amounts of specific foods, which helps in increasing the muscle mass and shed fat, helping you to lose weight.

However, just like every coin has two sides, Dukan diet also has a flip side. As the focus is on high-protein foods, Indians may find it difficult to strictly abide by the diet as our daily intake of protein is low as compared to the western countries. The restrictions on certain food groups can lead to a lack of essential vitamins and minerals, increasing the risk of nutritional deficiency. Not everyone might be able to adapt to low-carbohydrate diet as it may lead to mood swings and fatigue. Moreover, it is not suitable for people suffering from kidney problems, high cholesterol and gout.

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