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Valentine's Day Special: Love yourself with these self-care rituals!

Over come loneliness with self-love this Valentine's Day.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Published : February 7, 2018 12:51 PM IST

Valentine's Day is a special occasion for those in love. For the rest of single souls, it's just a passing day. It may also be a reason to binge on some unhealthy snacks and watch sappy romantic flicks. Loneliness and self-loathing can be overwhelming. Overcome it with some self-love! On this day take charge to make some healthy changes and fall in love with yourself.

Nutritionist Karishma Chawla of Eat Rite 24x7tells you how you can make the most of this day and divert your attention towards yourself. She says, When you truly accept, love and respect yourself, then can you love everyone and the special one around you! A beautiful soul inside out is capable of giving and receiving love! Balance is important.

Regain self: Start with loving yourself! You have to be what you wish to receive. Be a magnet of love and peace in order to have this as a constant environment. Loving yourself sounds easier than actually done. When you truly love yourself you need to do away with everything that can be detrimental to you-- sedentary lifestyle, unwanted body fat percentage, over thinking, stress, toxic relationships and excessive drinking. Here are 6 reasons you should devote more time to self-care.

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Adopt a new lifestyle: Get more active, join a sport or gym. Keep a low body fat percentage by adopting a tailor-made nutritional plan suitable for your metabolism. In terms of day to day diet follow these steps:

  • Eat every 2 hours. Replace refined carbs with complex ones like jowar, oats or quinoa.
  • Eat lean protein at least in 3 meals a day.
  • Your body needs adequate fibre. So make sure you have two fruits along with two bowls green and two bowls salad. This makes a day s quota.
  • Hydrate yourself with minimum 3 litres water a day.

Bust the stress: Be in the moment. If you tend to over think, remember that it only amplifies anxiety and worry. A great way to combat stress is with yoga and meditation. At times not all relationships are meant to last forever. Let go of those that no longer add value to your life. Drink in moderation. Remember balance is everything!

Be passionate about life and the world around you: The first rule to receiving is giving. Be grateful, be kind, help easily and forgive easily. Try to think positive and inspire others. Make deeper bonds. These 13 quotes by Louise Hay will change the way you think.

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