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Try cashew milk if you are lactose intolerant

Cashew milk is creamier and sweeter than almond milk. Give it a try.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Published : September 11, 2017 1:35 PM IST

When you blend cashews in water, the result is a creamy fluid which is referred to as cashew milk. Cashew milk tastes a bit creamier and sweeter than almond milk so if you do not like the nutty taste of almond milk here you have an option. Another good reason to try cashew milk is that it is lactose-free, so if you are lactose-intolerant you can now choose from cashew, almond, coconut and soy milk. Let us get some more dope about cashew milk from nutritionist Urvashi Sawhney.


In the nut family, cashew milk can be pretty comparable to almond milk in terms of fat and calorie count. According to HealthifyMe, store bought cashew milk contains around 126 calories in just one cup and they lactose-free with varying amounts of vitamin A, D and B12 along with calcium. Did you know cashew milk contains more calcium than cow s milk minus all that saturated fat? So cashew milk can be a total win-win situation if your doctor says you need to consume more calcium. Find out the number of calories in different types of milk.

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One downside of cashew milk is that it is devoid of protein, so you need to plan your meals accordingly if you are drinking cashew milk. Beware if you have a nut allergy. Don t go for it even if you are intolerant to lactose. You may want to try rice milk if you have protein allergy.

Prepare cashew milk at home

You can get around 6g protein from the home-made version. All you need to do is blend a 1/4th cup of cashews to get cashew milk and add cinnamon and vanilla extract as flavourings.

Tip: If you are buying cashew milk from the store make sure that you check the label for thickeners such as guar gum and xanthan gum. Also, make sure that you go for unsweetened varieties with no added sugars or oils.

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