6 foods that have more protein than eggs

Looking for more protein? Look away from the regular omelette or the scrambled eggs. These foods will give you more protein with added vitamins and minerals.

Eggs are an incredible source of protein that you can add in your diet. From a basic omelette to sunny side up to anything you like. With an average of 6g protein 13 essential vitamins and minerals, one large egg boasts off an impressive profile of nutrients. But if you are looking to break the monotony of eggs every day, here are the foods to consider to maintain your muscle mass, satisfy hunger, boost immunity and recover from injuries.

Cottage cheese: this variety of cheese doesn t get enough love. But if you are looking at about 12g of protein and 100 calories per half cup, you can definitely have it to satisfy your midday food craving and a it s a great source of calcium too.

Chicken: This bird is one of the most versatile lean proteins out there, with 25g in just 110g of chicken. You can eat it as a standalone add it to your salads, soups, tacos, quesadillas, grain bowls you just name it and you can have it!

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Black beans: Not in the mood to cook? Black beans fit the bill perfectly. Just drain and rinse them when you re ready to add them to your nachos and soup. A half cup serving has roughly 7g of protein, about 100 calories, and 2mg of iron, making them a good option for the vegetarians.

Tuna: This fatty fish is more than just the heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. An 85g serving raw tuna has 20g of protein, and cooked tuna has a whopping 33g of this essential nutrient. Either way, this tasty fish should be on the top of your mind when you are ordering food in a restaurant.

Tofu: This is one of the cheapest and most flexible protein ingredients in the market. A soy-based protein, it takes on the flavour of any marinade and can t be over or undercooked. An 85g serving has 9g of protein and 90 calories, along with fibre, iron, and calcium, when fortified.

Greek yogurt: Another amazing and tasty way of getting more protein in your diet is this form of yogurt. Just about 1 cup of plain low-fat Greek yogurt has a 20g of protein with about 150 calories. You ll also boost your meal with probiotics and calcium.

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