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These health benefits of betel leaf will mesmerize you

Betel leaf can ease your digestion. © Shutterstock

Do you know that betel leaf can ease your constipation? Betel leaf, known as pan ka patta, is a super ingredient which can help you to enhance your well-being.

Written by Aishwarya Vaidya |Updated : October 25, 2018 3:46 PM IST

Have you been ignoring the medicinal uses of betel leaf? Then, don't do it anymore, it can help you to stay fit and fine. Yes, you have heard it right! The underrated leaf can help you to ease your digestion. Read on to know more about it.

  • It can help you to get rid of constipation: Betel leaf is loaded with antioxidants which are responsible to clear free radicals from the body and restore the normal PH level of your upset stomach. Hence, it can ease your constipation. You should chew on betel leaf on an empty stomach and you will surely benefit from it.
  • It can help you to reduce gastric pain: It can be helpful in improving Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). It can be beneficial in keeping your duodenum free of harmful free radicals. This can suppress the acidity which you may suffer from, due to imbalanced PH levels of the stomach. So, it can help you to get rid of your gastric pain if you use it regularly.
  • It can help you to keep your respiratory health in check: Are you suffering from respiratory problems? Don't worry, betel leaf can help you to deal with them. The amazing leaf is jam-packed with antibiotics and can help you to bid adieu to your annoying cough and irritating cold. These antibiotics help you to ease phlegm and tackle inflammation which can result due to constant coughing. You can boil some betel leaves in water and can add cardamom to it. Drink the mixture and see the difference. You will feel good.
  • It can help you to deal with antifungal infections: It is antifungal in nature and can help you to fight infections.
  • It can help you to say goodbye to your headache: We are not kidding! A headache is annoying! It can rob your peace and can lower your productivity. So, if you often experience a headache, relax! We have a solution for you. You can opt for betel leaf which has analgesic and cooling properties. Apply betel leaf oil right away!
  • It can be good for your oral health: Betel leaf can help you to protect against bacteria and germs in your mouth. If you chew it then betel leaf can help you to prevent tooth decay and can strengthen your gums. So, if you want to maintain a good dental hygiene then you should boil some betel leaves in water and rinse your mouth with it.

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