Stay fit the Ayurvedic way by including herb and spice infused water in your diet

Drop a few leaves in a jar of water and leave it overnight. Have this water three times the next day. © Shutterstock

Herbs and spices infused water can help you keep away many common ailments and boost overall health, according to Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian healing therapy that uses natural ingredients to heal various health conditions. In ancient India, people made this therapy a way of life and used many beneficial herbs and spices in their daily diet for optimal health. It is no wonder that they enjoyed good health and lived a healthy and disease-free life till old age. One amazing thing about our forefathers is that they had a very strong immunity. It may be due to the influence that Ayurveda had on the lives of almost everyone in those days. Ayurveda says that water is a therapeutic tool. And, when you infuse this with medicinal herbs and spices, it becomes a potent healing agent. It detoxifies the body and heals many diseases.

You can also derive the therapeutic benefits of infused water easily by just soaking herbs and spices in water to increase its healing power. The best way to do this is to leave it overnight and have it first thing in the morning. It is easy to make and all you need to do is just take out not even 5 minutes of your time to make it. And the best thing is that all these spices and herbs are easily available in almost all Indian homes.

Let us take a look at a few herbs and spices that you can use to derive the various health benefits of Ayurveda.

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Triphala is is not one ingredient. It is actually a mixture made from Indian gooseberries, black myrobalan and haritaki. All three fruits are dried and crushed to make a powder called triphala. It comes with a range of health benefits and is a potent Ayurvedic medicine. Triphala infused water has anti-ageing properties. It heals and rejuvenates your digestive system and also helps you lose weight. It also improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation and boosts heart health. Just soak a teaspoon of this powder to a glass of water at night and have it in the morning. You can also soak triphala powder in the morning, if you want to have it at bedtime.

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek or methi seeds taste bitter if you chew them. These seeds are packed with antioxidants and have amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Soak these seeds overnight for methi-infused water, which you must drink first thing in the morning. This will help you control your blood sugar levels if you are diabetic. It also makes the immune system strong and helps you fight off many diseases. It makes the digestive system healthy and helps you lose weight too. But don't overdo it. Having it just once in the morning is enough.

Tulsi leaves

Tulsi is a potent healing agent. The leaves of this plant are known to have antibiotic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It can rejuvenate your skin and hair and offers you protection from fever and the common cold. It can also soothe sore throats. Drop a few leaves in a jar of water and leave it overnight. Have this water three times the next day. This will help in digestion and keep reflux problems away. Tulsi leaves have anti-inflammatory properties and this will also bring down inflammation and reduce your risk of heart diseases. It is also known to increases stamina, reduces stress, boost immunity and purify blood.

Cinnamon sticks

This pungent spice comes loaded with antioxidants. It is also an anti-inflammatory agent. It helps your body fight off oxidative damage by free radicals and offers protection against many infections. Cinnamon-infused water can also help you control your blood sugar levels if you are diabetic. You need to soak these sticks for a longer time. So, if you are planning to have it in the morning, soak it in the afternoon of the previous day.

Dry ginger

This is a common drink in the Indian state of Kerala. It is served after meals to aid in digestion. All you have to do to make this is dry some ginger and crush it into a powder. Add this to water and have it after very meal. It will keep your digestive system healthy and boost your metabolism.

Coriander seeds

These are a ich source of antioxidants. The seeds are known to bring down the levels of bad cholesterol in the body and control blood sugar levels. It has anti-inflammatory properties and this can help you get relief from arthritis pain. Coriander-infused water also helps in digestion and helps you lose weight apart from boosting your immunity. Again, just soak a teaspoon of these seeds in a glass of water overnight and have it first thing in the morning.

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