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Smart tricks to curb overeating during the holidays

You should limit your portion size, if you are on a vacation. © Shutterstock

Do you tend to go overboard during vacation? Then, here are few simple strategies to help you to get rid of overeating. Know more about this and do keep in mind these vital tips.

Written by Aishwarya Vaidya |Published : December 11, 2018 8:30 AM IST

Vacations can be fun, no matter whether you are travelling or at home. You will get that 'me time', you will be able to do things which you like, you will be able to spend some quality time with your family and relax! There are many perks of being on a vacation. Along with perks, there are drawbacks as well. Yes, you have heard it right! During your holiday period, you tend to overeat. You will gorge on those sweets and desserts and indulge in junk food which can wreak your health. Furthermore, you will also tend to pile up kilos. This can put you at the risk of various serious health ailments. So, to stay in top shape and eat smartly, we lay down few amazing hacks here. Do try to follow them and we guarantee that you will be able to stay healthy and hearty during your holidays.

You should avoid artificial sweeteners

According to studies, consuming artificial sweeteners in your drinks or desserts may make you more hungry. This is so because the chemical reaction in the brain fails to recognize any calorie intake, which will make you feel like eating more.

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You should be able to trick your brain

While eating, you should remember some golden rules. You should take some efforts which will help you to stay healthy. You can use smaller plates and smaller portion sizes on your plate. When your eyes will see that your plate is full, you will be able to trick your brain. This will help prevent overeating and you can enjoy your food thoroughly without any guilt.

You should go easy on that alcohol

Alcohol may give you a false feeling of hunger due to which you will binge. Moreover, it can also make you gain weight. The credit goes to its calorie content. So, just take it easy and see to it that you avoid and opt for other healthy options like juices.

You should plan your meal size

Cooking your meals for the week is a nice way to limit what goes into your mouth. When your portion sizes are predetermined at the beginning of the week, you will be able to manage your hunger pangs. So, be sure of your portion sizes.

You should tackle your weaknesses

If pastries are your weakness then even after having dinner, if you spot it, you will grab it. So, avoid keeping food in the house which can make you gain kilos. You should see to it that you indulge in healthy foods as much as you can.

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