4 signs you are eating too much salt

Having salt: Diabetics should consume less salt and eat foods that are typically low in sodium because salt impacts blood pressure. But it doesn't impact blood glucose directly.

If you experience a sudden headache, you need to check if your last meal had excess salt.

The days you eat French fries or mac and cheese for dinner you know that you have consumed a serious dose of salt. But beyond those foods, salt can get into your food in many other sneaky ways. Any processed food contains salt and anything that is frozen or pre-prepared also contains a lot of salt. And while there are scary side effects of consuming excess salt, there are also signs that signal that you might be consuming way too much salt. If you did not know the signs of excess salt intake already, learn them from nutritionist Urvashi Sawhney.

1. You experience a sudden headache: You should check your last meal for your sudden headache. Consuming too much salt can sometimes cause the blood vessels in your brain to expand which in turn can lead to painful headaches. Here are 9 ways extra salt can kill you.

2. You have dull tastebuds: Consuming too much salt all the time can actually tweak your taste buds so overtime your food will taste less delicious. So you will automatically have the tendency to add more salt to your food. So if your taste bud is dulling, you have a higher chance of consuming more salt in your meals.

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3. You are seriously bloated: Salty foods can get you bloated. When there is too much salt in your blood, the water leaves the cells causing swelling. Consuming too much salt particularly causes bloating in the belly area. After a salty meal, you may also notice swelling in your fingers and toes.

4. You are extremely thirsty: Sodium plays an important role in helping your body balance the fluid. Each day, we need some salt, to maintain the water balance in the body. So when you are thirsty, it is your body s way of telling you that there is not enough water to support the sodium levels in your body. Here are 9 hidden sources of salt you did not know about.

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